Hidden thoughts brought to light

Hidden Thoughts brought to Light: for the Increase of Knowledge, In Reading the Holy Bible  (1805) 
by John Axford

The printing of this work is poor, and the binding is such that on a number of pages text has been cropped from either the left- of right-hand side of the page. The majority of the missing text has been reconstructed by consulting the quoted biblical verses, reworking the financial calculations or by reference to another edition of the work on Wikisource (which also suffers from the same tight binding problem).

Hidden Thoughts brought to Light:

for the

Increase of Knowledge,

In Reading the



(illegible text) Explanation of the Coins, Measures, Money, and Weights mentioned in the Bible; (illegible text) Shekels, Talents, Pieces of Siver, Silver-(illegible text) Pence, &c and what they are worth in Gold and Silver, according to English current Money, being cast up in Shekels, Drams and (illegible text) in One to Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand Talents, in plain Words, for the Understanding of those that can read the Bible: also (illegible text) what Chapter and Verse they are to be found.


(illegible text) Weights and Measures, how much are English; and also, hard Words of Office and Sects (illegible text) wherefore one Part of the Bible is called Canonical, and the other Apocrypha, explained.

Proverbs ix. Instruct the Wise, and he will be Wiser: Teach a righteous Man, and he will increase in Knowledge.

Sterling. Printed and Sold by C. Randall. 1805.

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This work was published before January 1, 1927, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.