History of the Pacific States of North America

History of the Pacific States of North America  (1875-90) 
by Hubert Howe Bancroft

This series has at least two distinct numbering schemes, including different works as components. Numbering of the volumes can be confusing, as there are three overlapping schemes: a given volume may have a number within its own topic (e.g. "History of Oregon") as well as numbers within the History of the Pacific States series, and numbers within the Works of H. H. Bancroft series.

It was published under the name of Hubert Howe Bancroft, but he was not in fact the author of several of the volumes. The 1903 article The Origin and Authorship of the Bancroft Pacific States Publications: A History of a History (part 1) is one of many articles detailing how Bancroft's "assistants" were in many cases the actual authors of the material, with Bancroft playing a role more accurately described as "editor." See also Hubert Howe Bancroft His Work and His Method (1911).

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