Hymns for the Amusement of Children (1791)/The Lord's Prayer

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Accept, most gracious God, our grateful Lays,
And let the Muse proclaim thy boundless praise.
Soon may thy Kingdom come; — Soon may we see
Time swallow'd up in vast Eternity!
5 Soon may our Souls to the third Heav'ns arise,
And view their Maker with immortal Eyes!
Thy Will be done! — In thee we put our trust;
For what thou will'st is ever right and just:
In all thy brute Creation here below,
10Whilst they yet live their daily food bestow.
But unto us, who boast a nobler Race,
Add to thy Gift of Bread, thy Gift of Grace.
Forgive our Sins, and thy Compassion show
To those, who on the Poor their alms bestow.
15Let not th'infernal Foe our Souls ensnare;
Nor let our Trials prove too strong to bear:
For thine's the Glory: — Thine's the Might, the Pow'r:
And thou'rt the only God whom we adore.

The End.