Title Aurora Australis
Author Ernest Henry Shackleton, T. W. Edgeworth David, George Marston, Alistair Mackay, Frank Wild, James Murray, Douglas Mawson
Editor Ernest Henry Shackleton
Illustrator George Marston
Year 1909
Location Cape Royds, Antarctica
Source djvu
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Transclusion Fully transcluded
Validated in May 2017
The Ascent of Mount Erubus T. W. Edgeworth David.
Midwinter Night Nemo.
Trials of a Messman A Messman.
A Pony Watch Putty.
Southward Bound Lapsus Linguæ.
An Interview with an Emperor A. F. M.
Erubus Nemo.
An Ancient Manuscript Shellback.
Life under Difficulties James Murray.
Bathybia Douglas Mawson.