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I. Why Keep Bees 3
II. How to Begin Bee-Keeping 8
III. The Location and the Arrangement of the Apiary 20
IV. The Inhabitants of the Hive 27
V. The Industries of the Hive 50
VI. The Swarming of Bees 64
VII. How to Keep from Keeping Too Many Bees 73
VIII. The Hive and How to Handle It 83
IX. Details Concerning Honey 106
X. Extracted Honey 117
XI. Points About Beeswax 126
XII. Feeding Bees 136
XIII. How to Winter Bees 145
XIV. Rearing and Introducing Queens 156
XV. Robbing in the Apiary 164
XVI. The Enemies and Diseases of Bees 172
XVII. The Anatomy of the Honey Bee 181
XVIII. Interrelation of Bees and Plants 194
XIX. Bee-Keepers and Bee-Keeping 206
XX. Bee-Hunting 211
Bibliography 215
Index 219