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Index:Life and Works of Abraham Lincoln, v5.djvu

Life and Works of Abraham Lincoln, v5.djvu


Preface. vii
  Lincoln and Douglas. By Professor Robert Allyn ix
Joint Debate with Douglas — Concluded:
  Fourth Joint Debate, at Charleston — Concluded. September 18, 1858 1
  Fifth Joint Debate, at Galesburg. October 7, 1858 36
  Sixth Joint Debate, at Quincy. October 13, 1858 85
  Seventh and Last Joint Debate at Alton. October 15, 1858 136
Speeches. (March 1, 1859, to September 30, 1859):
  The "Moral Climate Line" of Douglas. Lincoln's Speech at Chicago on the Night of the Municipal Election. March 1, 1859 193
  Douglas's "Popular Sovereignty" the Mask of Nationalized Slavery. Speech at Columbus, Ohio. September 16, 1859 201
  "A Shot over the Line." An Address to Kentuckians on Douglas's Fallacies, Delivered at Cincinnati, Ohio. September 17, 1859 240
  The Advantages of "Thorough Cultivation," and the Fallacies of the "Mud-sill" Theory of Labor's Subjection to Capital. Address before the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society, at Milwaukee. September 30, 1859 277