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Marie de France Lays Mason.djvu
Title Lays of Marie de France
Author Marie de France
Translator Eugene Mason
Year 1911
Publisher Dent
Location London
Source djvu
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Introduction by Eugene Mason PAGE
Note by Elizabeth A. Francis xix
I. Prologue by Way of Dedication 1
II. The Lay of Gugemar 3
III. The Lay of the Dolorous Knight 24
IV. The Lay of Eliduc 31
V. The Lay of the Nightingale 57
VI. The Lay of Sir Launfal 61
VII. The Lay of the Two Lovers 77
VIII. The Lay of the Were-Wolf 83
IX. The Lay of the Ash Tree 91
X. The Lay of the Honeysuckle 102
XI. The Lay of Equitan 105
XII. The Lay of Milon 112
XIII. The Lay of Yonec 125
XIV. The Lay of the Thorn 137
XV. The Lay of Graelent 148
XVI. A Story of Beyond the Sea 163
XVII. The Chatelaine of Verci 197