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Morley--Mince Pie.djvu

Title Mince Pie
Author Christopher Morley
Illustrator Walter Jack Duncan
Year 1919
Publisher George H. Doran Company
Location New York
Source djvu
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On Filling an Ink-well 17

Old Thoughts for Christmas 24

Christmas Cards 31

On Unanswerinq Letters 35

A Letter to Father Time 41

What Men Live By 48

The Unnatural Naturalist 54

Sitting in the Barber's Chair 60

Brown Eyes and Equinoxes 64

163 Innocent Old Men 69

A Tragic Smell in Marathon 75

Bullied by the Birds 81

A Message for Boonville 87

Making Marathon Safe for the Urchin 92

The Smell of Smells 98

A Japanese Bachelor 102

Two Days We Celeberate 117

The Urchin at the Zoo 132

Fellow Craftsmen 139

The Key Ring 144

"Owd Bob" 150

The Apple That No One Ate 167

As to Rumors 174

Our Mothers 181

Greeting to American Anglers 186

Mrs. Izaak Walton Writes a Letter to Her Mother 190

Truth 193

The Tragedy of Washington Square 195

If Mr. Wilson Were the Weather Man 202

Syntax for Cynics 205

The Truth at Last 209

Fixed Ideas 211

Trials of a President Travelling Abroad 215

Diary of a Publisher's Office Boy 217

The Dog's Commandments 219

The Value of Criticism 221

A Marriage Service for Commuters 224

The Sunny Side of Grub Street 226

Burial Service for a Newspaper Joke 236

Advice to Those Visiting a Baby 238

Abou Ben Woodrow 240

My Magnificent System 242

Letters to Cynthia

1 In Praise of Boobs 245
2 Simplification 250
To AN Unknown Damsel 256

Thoughts on Setting an Alarm Clock 258

Songs in a Shower Bath 259

On Dedicating a New Teapot 261

The Unforgivable Syntax 263

Visiting Poets 264

A Good Home in the Suburbs 270

Walt Whitman Miniatures 272

On Doors 292