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Index:Randall Parrish--Gift of the Desert.djvu

Randall Parrish--Gift of the Desert.djvu



I The Choice

II Meager States His Plan 12

III The Message from the Bunkhouse 24

IV The Coming of the Judge 35

V The Marriage 45

VI The Blow in the Dark 56

VII The Man in the Dark 66

VIII A New Alliance 78

IX The Road to Silver Springs 88

X Covering the Trail 99

XI Mutual Recognition 109

XII Story of the "Frisco Kid" 120

XIII A New Viewpoint 131

XIV The Hand from the Rock 141

XV Within the Tunnel 151

XVI The Passage Out 161

XVII Two of a Kind 171

XVIII More Complications 181

XIX Kelleen Becomes Master 191

XX Talking It Over 201

XXI Alone on the Desert 211

XXII The Border Patrol 221

XXIII. "Alvara's Lost Mine" 231

XXIV A Duel in the Dark 241

XXV The Light Goes Out 250

XXVI In on a New Game 260

XXVII Face to Face 270

XXVIII The Spoils of Crime 279

XXIX The Finding of Gomez 288

XXX. The Message of Life 299