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Title Life of Tolstoy
Author Romain Rolland
Translator Bernard Miall
Year 1911
Publisher T. Fisher Unwin, London
Source djvu
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Transclusion Fully transcluded
Validated in April 2023
Preface 5
Chapter I. Childhood 11
Chapter II. Boyhood and Youth 21
Chapter III. Youth: The Army 31
Chapter IV. Early Work: Tales of the Caucasus 37
Chapter V. Sebastopol: War and Religion 47
Chapter VI. St. Petersburg 59
Chapter VII. “Family Happiness” 73
Chapter VIII. Marriage 81
Chapter IX. “Anna Karenin” 97
Chapter X. The Crisis 109
Chapter XI. Reality 125
Chapter XII. Art and Conscience 133
Chapter XIII. Science and Art 143
Chapter XIV. Theories of Art: Music 163
Chapter XV. “Resurrection” 185
Chapter XVI. Religion and Politics 197
Chapter XVII. Old Age 217
Chapter XVIII. Conclusion 235
Index 249