Index:Susanna Wesley (Clarke 1886).djvu

Susanna Wesley (Clarke 1886).djvu

Title Susanna Wesley
Author Eliza Clarke
Editor John H. Ingram
Year 1886
Publisher W. H. Allen
Location London
Source djvu
Progress To be proofread
Transclusion Index not transcluded or unreviewed


CHAPTER I.—Birth and Ancestry 1
CHAPTER II.—Youth and Marriage 9
CHAPTER III.—Early married Life 15
CHAPTER IV.—Later married Life 22
CHAPTER V.—Teaching and Training 29
CHAPTER VI.—Trials and Troubles 44
CHAPTER VII.—Maternal Solicitude 59
CHAPTER VIII.—Fire and Peril 70
CHAPTER IX.—The Home rebuilt 87
CHAPTER X.—Teaching in Public 100
CHAPTER XI.—The Supernatural Noises 113
CHAPTER XII.—Disappointments and Perplexities 127
CHAPTER XIII.—Partings 150
CHAPTER XIV.—Widowhood 182
CHAPTER XV.—Last Years 199
CHAPTER XVI.—Survivors and Descendants 212