Title The Emu, 3, 1903-1904
Author Australasian Ornithologists' Union
Year 1903
Publisher Melbourne : Australasian Ornithologists' Union
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Acanthiza, A New, 69.

Acanthiza, Descriptions of the Eggs of two Tits, 237.

Acanthiza from W. Australia, Description of a New, m.

Acanthiza tenuirostris (Zietz), Extension of Locality, 68.

Acanthiza, Description of the Nests and Nestlings of Certain, 102.

Alexandra Parrakeet in W. Australia, 115.

Australian Magpies, Remarks on Some New Species (G. longirostris, Milligan, and G. dorsalis, Campbell), with Reflections on the Revision of the Genus Gymnorhinæe, Hall, 202.

Australian Oology, Another Decade in, 168.

Aust. O.U.—Hobart Congress, 141; President's Address, 142; Ornithological Outings, 159; Balance-sheet, 164; Report, 166.

Avicultural Magazine, The, 242.

Bird "Charmed" by a Snake, 241.

Bird-Lore, 128.

Bird Protection in Great Britain, 1 1.7.

Bird Protection in Other Lands, 124.

Birds Blown to Sea, 186.

Birds of Paradise, Protection of, 241.

Birds, Sociability of, 189.

Blackbirds and Vine Caterpillars, 233.

Bower- Birds, Playground of the Toothbilled, 188.

British Museum, 78.

Brookton, W.A., Some Notes from, 104.

Brown's River (near Hobart) Notes, 56.

Bullfinch and Canary Singing, 127.

Bustard (Eupodotis australis) in N. Queensland, Breeding Seasons of the, 68.

Butcher-Bird, Black, 58.

Butcher-Birds, Rufous v. Black, 189.

Button-Quails in Queensland, 235.

Cairns Notes, 62.

Camp Data, 120.

Can and Do Birds Reason? 243.

Casterton (Vict.) Notes, 69.

Central Queensland, Some May Notes from, 115.

Channelbill, The, 233.

Clarke Island (Bass Strait) Notes, 62, 191.

Clermont (Q.) Notes, 125.

Close Season for Ducks and Quails in Victoria, Alteration of, 198, 244.

Close Seasons, Amendments in W.A.

Column of, 117.

Cockatoo, Southerly Range of Longbilled, 116, 189.

Coloured Figure Fund, 80.

Coloured Plate, The, 248.

Correction, 132.

Cormorants of N. Zealand, The: a Study in Variation, 1.

Correspondence—Anomalous Close Seasons, 244; Aust. O.U. or Austral. O.U., 138; Natural History Notes in the Victorian School Paper, 80; Some Questions re Nomenclature, 245.

Crows, Crafty, 187.

Destruction of Birds on Lake Connewarre, 80.

Development of Colour in the Definitive Feather, The, 59.

Drought on Birds, The Effect of, 113.

Duck, The Freckled, 233.

Eagle, The Wedge-tailed, in N. Queensland, 123.

Eagles, 8.

Eagles at Close Quarters, 128.

Eagles, Large Clutches of, 185.

Eagles, Wedge-tailed, 187.

Emu, A Sympathetic, 242.

Emu Bones from King Island, 113.

Emu, Extinct Tasmanian, 229.

Emu Nests in N. Queensland, 116.

Fantail, Devotion of a Black and White, 187.

Fantails' Nests, "Tails" of, 186.

Finch, A Painted, in Captivity, 188.

Fitzroy River, N.W. Australia, Notes on a Collection of Bird-skins from the, 40.

Flight of the Albatross, The, 129.

Flower Memorial, The, 140.

Flycatcher in a Customs Shed, A, 185.

Flycatcher in a City, 186.

From Magazines, 72, 126, 194, 241.

Galah Note, A, 56.

Galahs, 185.

Grey Shrike-Thrush as a "Bird of Prey," 185.

Guildford (W.A.), Notes from, 226.

Gymnorhina, Description of a New, with Observations on G. dorsalis, Campbell, 96.

Gymnorhinæ, Observations on the Western, 177.

Harriers, Note on the Breeding of the, 190.

Homestead Notes (N.Q.), 112.

How Gannets Dive, 56.

Instinct or Sight, Do Birds Find Food by? 115.

Koel's Egg, An Authentic, 185.

Kolora (Vict.) Notes, 117.

Kurrajong (Gladstone, Q.) Notes, 236.

Lamu Archipelago (East Africa), Birds of the, 238.

Land Birds at Sea, 126.

Late Clutches of Dottrels, 110.

Late Clutches of Larks, 55.

Laughing Jackasses, 113.

Launceston Notes, 118.

Locust Fungus, 8.

Lorikeet, Red-crowned, 188.

Magpies as Weather Prophets, 241.

Maluri, a Modification, 58.

Members, About, 197, 247.

Migration, &c, of Birds, Cooktown District, N. Queensland (1902), Notes on, 47.

Mirafra, Description of a New Subspecies, 231.

Motionless Wings, The Ascent of Birds on, 130.

Murray Swamp Notes, Some, 235.

Mutton-Bird Rookery, New, 235.

Native Game in Victoria, Close Season for, 244.

Naturalist, The Victorian, 241.

New Zealand Birds, Notes on Some, 122.

Nomenclature, Some Questions re, 245.

North American Check-List, The, 118.

North-West Cape, Birds Occurring in the Region of the, 30, 89, 171, 207.

Notes and Notices—Congress, 139; Mr. R. Hall, 139; Second Coloured Plate, 139.

Nude Cockatoos, 55.

Nutmeg-Pigeons, Protection of the, 77.

Nutmeg (Torres Strait) Pigeon, The, 181.

Obituary, 79, 247.

Oological Specimen, A Unique, 114.

Otway District, 61.

Owl and Great Kingfisher, 113.

Owl in Curious Plumage, 113.

Owls in Captivity, 61.

Oyster Cay, N. Queensland, A Trip to, 45.

Pardalotes in Fairy Martins' Nests, 186.

Pardalote's Eggs, Variable Clutch of, 233.

Pelicans, Protection of, 195.

Penguins, Little, 232.

Perennial Moult and Original Feathering of Wing, 131.

Performing Parrots, 122.

Philippine Museum, Bulletins of the, 127.

Poisoned Grain, Destruction of Birds by, 130.

Port Darwin District, N. Aust, Descriptions of Birds' Eggs from the, 54.

Ptilotus leucotis (Lath.), The Plumage Phases of, 43, 234.

Quails, 121.

Reason, Can and Do Birds? 243.

Regent-Birds, 187.

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S.A. Society for the Protection of Birds, 200.

Siberia, From Northern, 185.

Sittella tenuirostris, 1 14; S. leucoptera, Extension of Locality, 233.

Snakes on King Island, 59.

South-Western Notes, Some, 38.

Spring Notes, Early, 119.

Stirling Range, Notes on a Trip to the, 9.

Stray Feathers, 55, 112, 185, 233.

Striking Wire, 114.

Sub-species, The Exaltation of the, 243.

Swallows on 'Change, 112.

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Tawonga (Vict.) Notes, 64.

Vernacular Names, 138.

Vernacular Names, Some Notes on, 51.

Western Australia, A Natural History of, 126.

Western (Vict.) Notes, 190.

Wilmot (Tas.) Bird Notes from, 49, 108.

Wood-Swallows as Honey-eaters, 112.

Wood-Swallows Eating Honey, 68.

Wongan Hills (W.A.), Notes on a Trip to the, with a Description of a New Ptilotis, Part L, 217.

Xerophila and a New Acanthiza from W. Australia, Description of, 69; X, leucopsis, 70; X. castaneiventris (Milligan), Nests and Eggs of, 120.

Yanchep, Notes on Lake, 20.

Zanzibar (E. Africa), The Birds of, 192.


Nest of Black Duck (Anas superciliosa) ... plate i

Taking Nest of White-tailed Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus baudini) plate ii

Home of Rock Field- Wren and Blue-breasted Wren ...plate iii

Rookery of Sooty Terns, Upolu Bank, Great Barrier Reef ... plate iv

Heads (natural size) of Gymnorhina longirostris and G. tibicen ... plate v

Chestnut-faced Owl, showing remnant of nest-down ... plate vi

Adelia Penguin (Pygoscelis adeliæ) ... plate vii

Colonel W. V. Legge, F.Z.S., &c. (first President of the Aust. O.U.) ... plate viii

Scrub-Tit {Acanthornis magna) and Nest ...plate ix

Gymnorhina dorsalis—Immature female, mature male and female ... plate x

Play-ground of Tooth-billed Bower-Bird (Scenopæus dentirostris) ... plate xi

Dead Black and White Fantail and Young, found after a flood ... plate xii

Ouandong (Santalum) Tree, showing "Emu Berries" ... plate xiii

In the Wongan Hills ... plate xiv

Haunt of Redthroat, Chestnut-rumped Tit, &c. ... ... plate xiv

Old Egg-mound of Gnou or Mallee-Fowl (Lipoa ocellata) ... plate xv

Carter Honey-eater (Ptilotis carteri)... ... ... ... plate xvi

Brown-headed Honey-eater (Melithreptus brevirostris) ... plate xvi