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Title The Strand Magazine, Volume 4
Year 1892
Publisher G. Newnes
Location London
Source djvu
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Front matter

Issue 19 (July 1892)
Issue 20 (August 1892)
Issue 21 (September 1892)
Issue 22 (October 1892)
Issue 23 (November 1892)
Issue 24 (December 1892)

Selected contents (see individual issues for full contents and detailed information):

Marceau's Prisoner by Alexandre Dumas 3

Zig-Zags at the Zoo by Arthur Morrison

  • I. Zigzag Prelusory 13
  • II. Zigzag Ursine 165
  • III. Zigzag Cameline 245
  • IV. Zigzag Miscellavian 388
  • V. Zigzag Leonine 521
  • VI. Zigzag Elephantine 635

Shafts from an Eastern Quiver by Charles J. Mansford

  • I. The Diamonds of Shomar’s Queen 21
  • II. The Jasper Vale of the Falling Star 138
  • III. The Black Horsemen of Nisha the Seer 254
  • IV. Darak, the Scorn of the Afghans 407
  • V. The Sword-Hilt of the Idol at Delhi 443
  • VI. The Hindu Fakir of the Silent City 558

A Garden of Roses by Harry How 37

Dr. Trifulgas by Jules Verne 53

Illustrated Interviews by Harry How

  • XIII. George Augustus Sala 58
  • XIV. Sir Frederick Leighton 126
  • XV. Mr. Henry Irving
  • XVI. The Rev. J. E. C. Welldon 415
  • XVII. Miss Ellen Terry 489
  • XVIII. William Howard Russell, LL.D. 566

A Romance from a Detective's Case-Book by Dick Donovan

  • The Jewelled Skull 70
  • The Story of the Great Cat's-Eye 115
  • The Secrets of the Black Brotherhood 292
  • The Chamber of Shadows 462

Rajeb's Reward by M. P. Granal 101

"There's Many a Slip" by Annie L. Coghill 160

Nicette by Saint-Juirs 165

A Day with Dr. Conan Doyle by Harry How 182

A Nightmare of the Doldrums by W. Clark Russell 189

The Case of Roger Carboyne by H. Greenhough Smith 239

His Little Girl; or, Worked Out by Pleydell North 268

The Prisoners by Guy de Maupassant 308

Antonello, the Gondolier by Freiherr Gaudy 331

At Eagle’s Gorge by E. M. Hewitt 352

The Great Ruby Robbery by Grant Allen 376

Professor Morgan’s Romance by Kate Lee 398

A Palpitating Interview by Mrs. E. Baumer Williams 512

The Little Grey Man by E. Laboulaye 531

The Black Virgin by Charles Epheyre 581

A Description of the Offices of the Strand Magazine 594

The Toilers of the Rocks by Ferdinand de Saar 607

A Vision of the Night by Richard Marsh 623

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by A. Conan Doyle

Zerbin the Wood-Cutter by E. Laboulaye 661