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Title The Yellow Book, Volume 7: (October 1895)
Author Various authors
Editor Henry Harland
Year 1895
  • London: Elkin Matthews and John Lane
  • Boston: Copeland and Day
Source djvu
Progress Proofread—All pages of the work proper are proofread, but not all are validated
Transclusion Fully transcluded
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I. A Seventh-story Heaven By Richard Le Gallienne Page 11
II. The House Desolate Rosamund Marriott Watson 23
III. The Queen's Pleasure Henry Harland 29
IV. A Few Notes upon Mr. James Lena Milman 71
V. The Truce of the Bishop Harold Frederic 84
VI. The Pompeian Cœlia Leila Macdonald 117
VII. Books: a Letter to the Editor "The Yellow Dwarf" 125
VIII. Passion Richard Garnett, LL.D., C.B. 149
IX. A Correspondence Netta Syrett 150
X. Under Grey Skies S. Cornish Watkins 179
XI. Two Hours: Two Women Susan Christian 181
XII. A Sonnet A. C. Benson 191
XIII. The Iniquity of Oblivion Kenneth Grahame 192
XIV. The Poet's Picture Olive Custance 203
XV. Stories Toto Told Me Baron Corvo 209
XVI. Two Songs Frances Nicholson 229
XVII. Bread and the Circus Hubert Crackanthorpe 235
XVIII. Last Fires Lily Thicknesse 261
XIX. Life and Death Ellis J. Wynne 265
XX. Martha Mrs. Murray Hickson 267
XXI. Voyages dans les Yeux Dauphin Meunier 283
XXII. The Web of Maya Ella D'Arcy 291
XXIII. A Fragment Theo Marzials 319
I. The Bride By Frank Bramley, A.R.A. Page 7
II. Merlin and Vivien Henry R. Rheam 25
III. Marie Elizabeth Stanhope Forbes 112
IV. Jonquil Elizabeth Stanhope Forbes 112
V. On the Seine Caroline Gotch 120
VI. Motherhood Caroline Gotch 120
VII. Their Daily Bread Stanhope A. Forbes, A.R.A. 144
VIII. By the Fireside Stanhope A. Forbes, A.R.A. 144
IX. Blue Hills Mine T. C. Gotch 174
X. Charcoal Study T. C. Gotch 174
XI. Seascape Percy R. Craft 187
XII. Solitude John Crooke 200
XIII. Charcoal Study John da Costa 205
XIV. Fair Play Fred Hall 225
XV. A Pastoral Frank Richards 231
XVI. On the Loing A. Tanner 258
XVII. An Old Campaigner Walter Langley 262
XVIII. On the Yealm A. Chevallier Tayler 280
XIX. Trengwainton Norman Garstin 286
XIX. A Portrait Norman Garstin 286

The Title-page and Front Cover (Newlyn
Boat and Lighthouse and Evening Primrose)
are by J. D. Mackenzie.
The Pictures in this Volume are by Members
of the Newlyn School.
The half-tone Blocks are by the Swan Electric
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