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Title The Yellow Book, Volume 5: (April 1895)
Author Various authors
Editor Henry Harland
Year 1895
Publisher London: Elkin Matthews and John Lane; Boston: Copeland and Day
Source djvu
Progress To be proofread
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Based on a review of the scans against the Tables of Contents, there appears to be a page numbering error in the book; pages 297 & 298 are not used. However, with reference to the ToC, all pages expected to contain text or images are present.


I. Hymn to the Sea By William Watson Page 11
II. The Papers of Basil Fillimer H. D. Traill 19
III. A Song Richard Le Gallienne 33
IV. The Pleasure-Pilgrim Ella D'Arcy 34
V. Two Songs Rosamund Marriott-Watson 71
VI. The Inner Ear Kenneth Grahame 73
VII. Rosemary for Remembrance Henry Harland 77
VIII. Three Poems Dauphin Meunier 101
IX. Two Studies Mrs. Murray Hickson 104
X. The Ring of Life Edmund Gosse 117
XI. Pierre Gascon Charles Kennett Burrow 121
XII. Refrains Leila Macdonald 130
XIII. The Haseltons Hubert Crackanthorpe 132
XIV. Perennial Ernest Wentworth 171
XV. For Ever and Ever C. S. 172
XVI. Mr. Meredith in Little G. S. Street 174
XVII. Shepherds' Song Nora Hopper 189
XVIII. The Phantasies of Philarete James Ashcroft Noble 195
XIX. Pro Patria B. Paul Neuman 226
XX. Puppies and Otherwise Evelyn Sharp 235
XXI. Oliver Goldsmith's Grave W. A. Mackenzie 247
XXII. Suggestion Mrs. Ernest Leverson 249
XXIII. The Sword of Cæsar Borgia Richard Garnett, LL.D., C.B 258
XXIV. M. Anatole France The Hon. Maurice Baring 263
XXV. The Call Norman Gale 280
XXVI. L'Evêché de Tourcoing Anatole France 283
XXVII. A Fleet Street Eclogue John Davidson 299


I. Bodley Heads. No. 3: George Egerton By E. A. Walton Page7
II. The Chrysanthemum Girl R. Anning Bell 68
III. Trees Alfred Thornton 97
IV. Study of Durham F. G. Cotman 118
V. Portrait of Mrs. James Welch
VI. The Mantelpiece P. Wilson Steer 164
VII. The Mirror
VIII. The Prodigal Son A. S. Hartrick 186
IX. Portrait of a Girl Robert Halls 191
X. Portrait of Mrs. Ernest Leverson Walter Sickert 229
XI. The Middlesex Music Hall
XII. A Sketch Constantin Guys 259
XIII. Study of a Head Sydney Adamson 290
XIV. A Drawing Patten Wilson 293