The Yellow Book/Volume 5/A Fleet Street Eclogue

The Yellow Book, Volume 5
A Fleet Street Eclogue by John Davidson

Fleet Street Eclogue[1]

St. George's Day

By John Davidson



WHAT thought may burst the bond

Of rasping spleen?
What hope its victim soothe?
What dream assuage his pains?


An old stile stands between

Two beeches silvery smooth,
All carved and kissed by lovers fond.


The foolish country swains!


Oh! but the old stile stands,

For ever dear to me—
Foot-worn, its bars by many hands
Polished like ebony!


But me my city spleen

Holds in a fretting bond.


And the quickset hedges mantle green,

And the fields roll green beyond;
While the antique footpath winds about
By farms and little towns,
By waterways, and in and out,
And up and over the downs.


I hear the idle workmen's sighs;

I hear their children's hungry cries;
I hear the burden of the years;
I hear the drip of women's tears;
I hear despair, whose tongue is dumb,
Speak thunder in the ruthless bomb.


But why keep brooding over ill?

Why hearken such discordant tones?

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St. George for Merry England then!

For we are all good Englishmen!


St. George for Greater England then!

The Boreal and the Austral men!


By bogland, highland, down, and fen,

All Englishmen, all Englishmen!
Who with their latest breath shall sing
Of England and the English Spring!

Ballantyne Press
London & Edinburgh

  1. Copyright in America by John Lane.