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Vagabond life in Mexico.djvu



Perico, the Mexican vagabond 5
The Alameda 22
A Mexican Wake 34
Fray Serapio, the Franciscan monk 47
The Viga Canal 55
An Indian Village 61
Fray Epigmenio 72
The Desierto 80
Don Tadeo Cristobal, the Thieves' lawyer of Mexico 90
The Public Scribe 91
A Mexican Gambling-house 101
The Convent of the Bernardines 112
Manner of taking Possession in Mexico 120
Remigio Vasquez 128
The Hacienda of Arroyo Zarco 134
The Elopement 146
Florencio Planillas, the Mexican Miner 155
Assassination of the young Spanish Noble 166
The Miners of Rayas 177
Description of, and descent into, a Silver Mine 189
Story of the Passer of the Rio Atotonilco, Osorio 199
Rencounter with Don Tomas Verduzco 209
Captain Don Bias and the silver convoy 217
The Colonel Inn-keeper 236
Departure of the Convoy 247
Don Tomas Verduzco is shot by Juanito 261
The Jarochos 277
I arrive at Manantial 288
The Fête of Manantial 298
The Pilot Ventura 314
The Wreckers 321
Excursion up a River 330
The Duel 340