Title The Tower
Author William Butler Yeats
Year 1928
Publisher Macmillan and Co.
Location London
Source pdf
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Sailing to Byzantium 1
The Tower 4
Meditations in Time of Civil War 16
Nineteen Hundred and Nineteen 32
The Wheel 42
Youth and Age 43
The New Faces 44
A Prayer for my Son 45
Two Songs from a Play 47
Wisdom 49
Leda and the Swan 51
On a Picture of a Black Centaur 53
Among School Children 55
Colonus' Praise 61
The Hero, the Girl, and the Fool 64
Owen Ahern and his Dancers 67
A Man Young and Old 70
The Three Monuments 79
From 'Oedipus at Colonus' 80
The Gift of Harun Al-Rashid 82
All Souls' Night 98

Notes 105