Instructions in Spirella Corsetry/Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Preparation for Taking Body MeasurementsEdit

   1. To insure good results from your work and to protect your-
self against the possibility of misfit, it is necessary far you to, know
the actual conditions existing an the client's figure. Outer clothing
frequently conceals true conditions. To be able to bring out the best
lines of your client's figure, you must study her with her corset and
outer clothing removed. The facts can be discovered in no other
way. Should the client abject to disrobing, tell her that in no other
way can you do justice to her figure.

   2. This method of procedure has several points of advantage. At
the very beginning, the thought of the client is one of satisfaction
over the personal interest displayed. Because of this, her confidence
in you is increased and she more readily accepts your further advice
and instruction.

   3. Remove the client's corset and see that its lacer is long enough
to re-adjust it in any manner you may need. Carry with you a ten-
yard lacer, in case the one in the client's corset is too short to ad-
just properly.


   4. The method of lacing here
illustrated is simple and can be
done quickly.

   5. Before you put the cli-
ent's corset on again, the fol-
lowing paints must be decided

the client's type
her poise
the degree of back-curve
the quality of flesh—soft,
medium or hard.

   6. With the client's corset
re-laced, adjust it on her figure
for the purpose of securing a
correct foundation over which

to take the measurements of her body. The longer lacer in her old
corset will allow you to re-adjust it so as to produce the lines that
you wish to bring out with the new corset. You may not be able to
obtain a foundation exactly in accord with the idea you wish to
express, but it should be as near to it as you possibly can make it.
For instance, if the poise is not normal, have the client stand in
normal poise and adjust the corset so as to maintain it if possible.

   7. Through the change of poise and re-distribution of the flesh,
secured through the re-adjustment of the corset, the back curve can
be brought nearer to normal. If you cannot correct the back curve
with the old corset, make a note of this condition, to remind you to
consider it when you select the new corset. The quality of the flesh
will decide as to whether it can be re-distributed enough to assist
in changing the degree of the curve.

   8. When the client has a heavy bust, or a quantity of flesh under
the arm or. across the shoulders, adjust the corset at the top loosely
enough to allow the flesh to drop into the corset. If the corset
pushes the breasts up, unfasten the tap hook of the clasp.

   9. On large figures where the flesh is excessive, consider whether
or not it will be necessary to enlarge the waist to give better lines
to the figure.

   10. If the flesh on the abdomen is excessive and soft, support
and flatten this by re-distribution; adjust the corset to hold this,
and so get a flat surface over which to measure. In such cases it
will be very necessary to allow space at the waist far this re-dis-
tributed flesh.

   11. If you have decided to give your client a larger waist to pro-
duce straighter lines with the new corset, tighten the old corset
around the hips and leave it loose at the waist.

   12. Should you decide to give curved lines with the small waist
effect, draw the lacers in at the waist. Draw up the lacer at the
hip enough to control the flesh, producing the amount of curve
desired. The corset must be laced closely enough around the hip to
assist you to get a tight hip measure. The lacing space may not be
correct in the re-adjustment of the client's corset, as your chief
abject now is to get a correct foundation over which to take meas-

   13. Explain to your client that the Spirella corset which you
will have made for her, will act as a corrective and will also adjust
on her body with correct lacing space. Avoid making any dispar-
aging remarks concerning the corset which the client is wearing.
At this time you have the opportunity to talk to your client about
Spirella service as well as the health and comfort giving qualities
of Spirella corsets. This will educate her to see the value of Spirella
as you see it and increase her confidence in you.