Lancashire Legends, Traditions, Pageants, Sports, &c./Part 5/Proverbs


It is of no use laying sorrow to your heart when others only lay it to their heels.

Mouse-coloured dun is the foulest colour under the sun.

A Friday's flit will not long sit.

My butter-cake always leets [falls] th' butter-side down.

Two are company, three are none.

Too much of ought is good for nought.

All this for nothing, and more for a penny.

Long and lazy, little and loud,

Fair and foolish, dark and proud.

One year's seeding makes seven years' weeding.

If you see a pin and let it lie,

You'll need a pin before you die.

You're a long time out of your money if you take me for a flat [foolish person].

I'm nod gooin to a fair to buy thee for a foo [fool]; if ah doo, ah shall wear [spend] my brass [money] badly.