Letters to Atticus/4.12

To Atticus at RomeEdit

Cumae, April 55 BCEdit

Egnatius[1] is at Rome. But I spoke strongly to him at Antium about Halimetus's business. He assured me that he would speak seriously to Aquilius.[2] You will see the man therefore, if you please. I think I can scarcely be ready for Macro:[3] for I see that the auction at Larinum is on the Ides and the two days following. Pray forgive me for that, since you think so much of Macro. But, as you love me, dine with me on the 2nd, and bring Pilia. You must absolutely do so. On the 1st I think of dining at Crassipes' suburban villa as a kind of inn. I thus elude the decree of the senate. Thence to my town house after dinner, so as to be ready to be at Milo's in the morning.[4] There, then, I shall see you, and shall march you on with me. My whole household sends you greeting.


  1. L. Egnatius, who owed Q. Cicero money.
  2. C. Aquilius Gallus, Cicero's colleague in the praetorship, and a busy advocate. See Letter X.
  3. Apparently a money-lender.
  4. Perhaps at his sponsalia, as he was married towards the end of the year.