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Life of Tolstoy by Romain Rolland, translated by Bernard Miall
Front matter


Demy 8vo, cloth, 12s. 6d. net.

A Literary History of Russia.

By A. Brückner, Professor of Slavonic
Languages and Literature in the
University of Berlin.

Edited by Ellis H. Minns. Translated by
H. Havelock.

"One of the greatest Slavonic scholars has in
this volume his say on the greatest Slavonic
literature." —Athenæum.

"The author's learning is amazing, and his
digestion of the life-work of critics, scholars,
theologians, biographers, historians, politicians,
controversialists, dramatists, poets, and novelists
is extraordinary. In living and picturesque
phrases Herr Brückner hits off the leading characteristics
and value of hundreds of writers and
of over a thousand works." —Daily News.