Littell's Living Age/Volume 125/Issue 1611/Miscellany

As was to be expected, the estimates for the Arctic Expedition were passed by the House of Commons with complete unanimity. The sum asked for was 98,620l. There was appended to the estimate a further sum of 16,000l. for the next financial year; and for future years, while the expedition is out, there will be an additional sum of 13,000l. In addition to all this, there is a contingent possibility of about 50,000l. being required in case of its being thought necessary or desirable to send out a relief ship in consequence of the expedition not having returned as soon as was expected. We do not think it likely that this last item will ever be required, though it is creditable to the House that not a voice was raised against any of the items in the estimate. It has been decided that a man-of-war will accompany the expedition as far as Upernivik, where she will fill the ships up with coals and provisions. It is stated that the "Pandora," which was one of the vessels named for the expedition, but was condemned on survey, has been purchased from the Admiralty by Mr. Allen Young, a lieutenant in the Royal Naval Reserve, and it is rumoured that he will assume command of her, and accompany the "Alert" and "Discovery" during the summer. Mr. Young served with Admiral Sir Leopold M'Clintock on board the "Fox" in the Franklin Search Expedition.Nature.