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Fifth Series,
Volume X.
No. 1613. — May 8, 1875. From Beginning
Vol. CXXV.

I. Milton, Macmillan's Magazine, 323
II. Three Feathers. By William Black, author of "The Adventures of a Phaeton," "The Princess of Thule," etc.Part XIV., Cornhill Magazine, 329
III. The Cost of Living. By Edward A. Freeman, Cornhill Magazine, 337
IV. Alice Lorraine. By the author of "The Maid of Sker." Conclusion, Blackwood's Magazine, 344
V. The Abode of Snow. Part IV., Blackwood's Magazine, 355
VI. Dead Dutch Cities, Spectator, 369
VII. Vicissitudes of Ritual, Saturday Review, 372
VIII. A Spanish Passion-Play, Spectator, 374
IX. Arctic Vegetation, Nature, 377
X. The Cost of Living, Spectator, 379
XI. The Russian Revolution of 1762, Academy, 382
Lexington, 1775, By John G. Whittier 322 Grandmother, 322
Second Thoughts, 322