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Littell's Living Age/Volume 125/Issue 1613/Second Thoughts


Where the wood-paths broke in twain,
Doubting, Dolly checked her rein.
"If I take that path," mused she,
"I shall meet with somebody.
Nay, but that would never do;
Maidens should be wooed, not woo!"
So the other path she prest,
Saying, "Second thoughts are best."

Who is that with Dolly there?
What has made her ride so fair?
"Somebody," most strange to say.
Rode the self-same way to-day;
And there, among the greenwoods dim,
Dolly told her choice to him,
Whispering what her heart confest —
"Truly, second thoughts were best."

F. E. Weatherly, M.A.
Cassell's Magazine.