Littell's Living Age/Volume 130/Issue 1676


Fifth Series,
Volume XV.
No. 1676. — July 22, 1876. From Beginning
Vol. CXXX.

I. Physics and Physiology of Harmony, Westminster Review, 195
II. The Lady Candidate. Conclusion, Blackwood's Magazine, 207
III. Ordeals and Oaths, Macmillan's Magazine, 220
IV. Walther von der Vogelweide, Cornhill Magazine, 229
V. Leigh Hunt and Lord Brougham. With Original Letters. By S. R. Townshend Meyer, Temple Bar, 239
VI. Partial Deafness, Spectator, 247
VII. The Extradition Quarrel, Economist, 249
VIII. Lunar Studies, Spectator, 252
IX. The Remington Type-Writing Machine, Nature, 254
X. Physical Influences upon Character, Victoria Magazine, 255
XI. A Free Spanish University, Nature, 256
To a Young Lady on the Approach
of the Season
194  Leisure and Love, 194
"Rejected", 194