Littell's Living Age/Volume 131/Issue 1688


Fifth Series,
Volume XVI.
No. 1688. — October 21, 1876. From Beginning

I. The Reality of Duty: as Illustrated by the Autobiography of Mr. John Stuart Mill, Contemporary Review, 131
II. The Philosopher's Pendulum: a Tale from Germany. By Rudolph Lindau, Blackwood's Magazine, 147
III. Ulster and its People, Fraser's Magazine, 159
IV. The Bayreuth Performances, All The Year Round, 167
V. Society in Italy in the Last Days of the Roman Republic. By J. A. Froude, Fraser's Magazine, 171
VI. A Drive in Devonshire, Spectator, 180
VII. Dolls, Spectator, 182
VIII. The Marquis of Lossie. By George Macdonald, author of "Malcolm," etc., Advance Sheets, 185
IX. The Pope's Daily Life, Westminster Gazette, 191
Antipas, 130  In Memoriam, 130
Poetry, 130 The House in the Meadow, 130
Stanzas Written in October, 130 From the Italian, 130
Miscellany, 192