Littell's Living Age/Volume 131/Issue 1688/Antipas


And who was Antipas? and where dwelt he,
The martyred "faithful," honored of his Lord?
Had he, as men count honor, high degree?
Or was he nurtured at a peasant board?
Vain questions these: the inspired words afford
His crown and claim; he perished gloriously.

And many a deed shall wither with time's scroll,
That shook the earth — and many a name, whose sound
Went forth triumphantly from pole to pole,
Shall drop into oblivion, unrenowned,
When Ire, thus briefly chronicled, is found
In heaven's high registry, a victor soul.

Needs not for entrance there the laurelled crest,
The distant battle-field, and trumpet's din,
Nor history's sounding page; the sealed breast
Hides man's true history, whose worst foe's within!
In daily conflict with the legion sin,
Souls may the martyr's crown and triumph win,
Unknown on earth, unhonored, and unblest.

Mrs. G. G. Richardson.