Littell's Living Age/Volume 140/Issue 1804


Fifth Series,
Volume XXV.
No. 1804. — January 11, 1879. From Beginning
Vol. CXL.

I. The Jesuit Martyrs: Campion and Walpole, Edinburgh Review, 67
II. Sir Gibbie. By George MacDonald, author of "Malcolm," "The Marquis of Lossie," etc. Part VIII., Advance Sheets, 85
III. Dogma, Reason, and Morality. By W. H. Mallock, Nineteenth Century, 100
IV. The Bride's Pass. By Sarah Tytler, author of "What She Came Through," "Lady Bell," etc. Part II., Advance Sheets, 114
V. The Education of the Deaf, Spectator, 125
The Gold of Hope, 66  Nuptura, 66
A Christmas Song, 66 An Essay in Quantity, 66
Miscellany, 128