Littell's Living Age/Volume 149/Issue 1921/Em quanto quiz Fortuna que tivesse

Em quanto quiz Fortuna que tivesse

While Fortune willèd that for me remain
     Some grateful esp'rance of some glad content,
     The joys of gentle thought a longing lent
To pen life's pleasures and depaint its pain;

But Cupid, fearing lest such writ contain
     Lere for the judgments Love hath never shent,
     With darkling tortures 'gan my wits torment
That of his treach'ry I should ne'er complain.

O ye, whom Love's obligeance may subject
     To divers wills! whenso ye read thereof
          Bound in one booklet cases so diverse,

(Which all be truthful; facts without defect,)
     Learn that according as ye have the love,
          So shall ye have the lore, of this my verse.