Little couple/The Soldier's Adieu


The Soldier's Adieu.

ADIEU! adieu! my only life.
My honour calls me from thee!
Remember thou’rt a ſoldiers wife.
Thoſe tears but ill become thee.
What tho’ by duty I am call'd,
Where thund'ring cannons rattle,
Where valour’s ſelf might ſtand appall'd;
When on the wings of thy dear love,
To heaven above
Thy fervant oriſons are flown?
The tender pray’r
Thou putt'ſt there,

Shall call a guardian angel down
To watch me in the battle.

My ſafety thy fair truth ſhall be,
As ſheild and buckler ſerving;
My life ſhall be more dear to me,
Becauſe of thy preſerving
Let peril come; let horror threat;
Let thundering cannons rattle;
I fearleſs ſeek the conflict's heat,
Aſſun'd when on the wings, &c.

Enough with that benignant ſmile,
Some kindred god inſpir’d thee,
Who ſaw thy boſom void of guile,
Who wonder'd and admir’d thee.
I go aſſur’d my life adieu.
The thund'ring cannons rattle;
Tho' murd'ring carnage walk in view;
When on the wings of thy dear love,
To heaven above, &c.

This work was published before January 1, 1928, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.