Little couple/What a Beau my Granny was


3322241Little couple — What a Beau my Granny was

What a Beau my Granny was.

The Ladies all can best approve,
the strict attention of my love.
Though I decry their frippery
the ton the fashions oft did try,
In days of old my Gunny told,
the dress of every lad and lass.
But you shall know before I go,
O what a beau my Granny was,

CHOR. With her hizzy, quizzy, hizzy, frizzy,
thunder, dunder, blunder O,
As I for fun, girls hither run,
my Granny was a wonder O.

MY Granny had but her own hair,
which she in comely mode did wear,
But now with wool they load each skull,
and frizzle it to make it stare;
With feathers high as if ’twould fly,
each girl for beauty aims to pass,
But ’twas not so long time ago,
when a great beau my Granny was
With her hizzy, &c.

My Granny was both fair and plump,
and like a squirrel she could jump,
With coral lips and natural hips,
but now each girl has her cork rump;
The platted ruff looks well enough,
now pidgeons craws they wear, alas!
Stuck out before, like the breast of a boar,
O what a beau my Granny was,
With her hizzy, &c

This work was published before January 1, 1929, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.

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