Lyra Ecclesiastica/Second Series/Cardinal Petrus Damianus his Hymn on the Glory of Paradise

For other English-language translations of this work, see De gloria et gaudiis Paradisi.
For other versions of this translation, see The Glory and Joys of Paradise.


At the fount of life eternal
Faints the parchéd soul with thirst,
For the imprisoned spirit restless
Seeks the flesh's gates to burst,
Struggling, yearning, for the countrey
Whence it has been banished erst.

While it wails it's sad condition.
Pressed by grief, by sorrow crossed,
Sad it looks upon the glory
It's delinquency has cost;
Present misery increases
Memory of the blessings lost.

For of everlasting quiet
Who the joyousness can tell?
Where in edifices splendid
All of living pearl they dwell,
While with burnished gold the buildings
And the couches gleam as well.

Gems alone of countless value
Are the town's foundation seat.
Polished gold like beaming crystal
Forms the paving of the street;
Mud there smears not, dirt appears not,
No diseases do we meet.

Winter braming, summer flaming,
There relax their blustering,
And sweet roses ever blooming
Make an everlasting spring,
Lily blanching, crocus blushing,
And the balsam perfuming.

Pasture growing, meadows blowing,
Honey streams in rivers fair,
While with aromatic perfume
Grateful glows the balmy air;
Luscious fruits that never wither
Hang in every thicket there.

There nor waxing moon, nor waning,
Sun, nor stars in courses bright;
For the Lamb to that glad city
Shines an everlasting light.
There the daylight beams for ever,
All unknown are time and night.

For the Saints, in beauty beaming,
Shine in light and glory pure,
Crowned in triumph's flushing honours,
Joy in unison secure,
And in safety tell their battles
And their foes' discomfiture.

Freed from every stain of evil,
All their carnal wars are done,
For the flesh to spirit turnéd
And the soul agree in one,
Peace unbroken spreads injoyment,
Sin and scandal are unknown.

Stript of changefulness, united
To primæval being's spring,
And the present form and essence
Of the Truth contemplating,
Lo! they quaff the vital sweetness
Of the well of quickening.

Thence departing, aye in sameness
They their lofty state ingage,
Beauteous, keen, and gay, and noble,
Unexposed to chance's rage;
Health is theirs untouched by sickness,
Endless youth unmarred by age.

Here they live in endless being,
Passingness has passed away,
Here they bloom, they thrive, they flourish,

For decayed is all decay,
Hungering still, they eat; and eating,

Still the sacred food require.

Lovely voices make a concert
Ever new and ever clear,
And in never-ending festal
Organs sooth the ravished ear;
Worthily their king they honour
Who obtained them victory's cheer.

Who shall see Heaven's Monarch present,
O! how blessed that happy soul,
And, beneath its throne of glory,
Watch the orbs of nature roll,
Sun, and Moon, and Stars, and Planets,
As they course around the pole.

Christ, Thy soldiers' palm of honour.
Unto this Thy city free
Lead me, when my warfare's girdle
I shall cast away from me,
A partaker in Thy bounty
With Thy blessed ones to be.

Grant me vigour, while I labour,
In the ceaseless battle pressed,
That Thou mayst, the conflict over,
Grant me everlasting rest,
And I may at length inherit
Thee my portion ever blessed.