May's Account of Her Introduction to the Art of Love/Chapter 3

You know I am a native of the West Indies. I was born in Santa Cruz, where my father had a plantation, and lots of slaves.

The little boys and girls were naked until they were eight or nine years old: I remember being greatly struck with the fine little cocks of the boys, and wondered why they differed so from girls.

The son of our overseer was just my age, about ten. He was a smart intelligent boy, and we used to play together. His name was Joe.

One day I caught him piddling and looking at his cock. I laughed and told him he ought to cut it off, it was so ugly.

He said he would be sorry for he would much rather be a man than a woman, "and when I grow to be a man," he said, "this will grow big."

"How do you know?" I said, putting my hand on it.

"Because I have often seen men naked. Do you know what a man calls it?"

"No. What?"

"He calls it a prick."


"And do you know what he does with it?"

"He piddles with it, I suppose, like yourself."

"Ah!" he said, looking very sly, "he does more than that." "What?"

"He can put it into a woman between her legs, in that queer little slit you girls have."

"There's no room for it there," I said.

"Yes there is; I'll show you if you'll let me, may I?" he said, lifting my frock.

"You may, just for a minute."

He put his fingers into my cunt and felt about for the opening. At last he found it, and, to my surprise, pushed his forefinger up.

"Stop," I cried, "that hurts."

"I won't hurt you bye-and-bye," he said, with his sly look.

"How, what do you mean?"

"I'll tell you, but mind, it's a great secret. You know Jim who has the cat and flogs the slaves when they misbehave. Well, when the women are sent, he flogs their backs; but when girls are sent he flogs their bottoms. I was near the place when a fine plump girl came from your papa with a note, which I saw afterwards. It had only these words: 'Give this girl twelve lashes. -E. L.'

"Jim brought her in and shut the door but I stole round to a window on the other side and peeped in. He had her kneel on a bench and tied her hands to the block. Then he threw up her petticoat, uncovering her shining black bum, and took out his cat.

"He said: 'Be quiet, Norry. If you let me have my will of you I won't hurt you, but if you won't I'll give it you.'

"He opened his pantaloons and out started, oh! such a big one, it would have frightened you as he pushed it against her bottom. She cried more than ever.

"He brought down the cat with a smart stinging blow on her bottom.

"She jumped and yelled.

'"Be quiet now or you'll get more.'

"She stopped, while he separated her legs as widely as he could. Then stooping, he looked up into her slit, which he kept open with his fingers. I could see that it was very red inside, had plenty of black woolly hair on it.

"Then he put in the head of his prick, and giving a great push, it went in every bit of it. Then he withdrew it out all wet and red looking, and putting his arms round her hips he went on pushing in and out with all his might.

"She did not mind but only poked out her bottom as if to get more of it. "Then he stopped suddenly, and pressed in hard against her. "After which he untied her, and giving her a kiss, sent her away." "That's very odd Joe. It must have hurt her very much."

"Indeed it didn't. She liked it beyond anything. I know it by the way she stuck out her bottom. Will you just try and you'll feel how pleasant it is."

My amorous feelings were aroused, so I did not object to his having a trial. I kneeled on the seat, as he told me, and jutted out my bottom.

He tried to get his cock into my slit, but failed. I put down my hand and kept the lips open, but whether from my immaturity or his inexperience, he could not succeed.

A few days afterwards he came running up to me in great glee, crying out: "I can do it now, Katie, I can do it now!"

"Stop your noise. What do you mean?"

"Stay, Katie, and I will tell you. You know father and I live in the cottage. He has, however, generally one or two of the slave girls with him in the evening. They like to come to him for they get plenty of rum, and are sure of a half holiday next day.

"He sends me to bed and then produces the rum, sugar and water. Last night he had three with him. He sent me off to bed as usual, but I hid behind the door.

"They soon became very merry over the drink and capered about in style. He threw up their petticoats, slapping their bottoms and tickled their cunts, while they pulled out his prick and handled his balls. Then he made them undress and chased them naked around the room. Whenever he caught one, he felt her cunt, and making her kneel would stick his prick into it from behind while the others tickled his balls and bottom. In the midst of the fun, one of them suddenly opened the door, and spying on me, seized me, and dragging me into the room, cried out: 'Oh, here's massa Joe playing bo-peep. What shall we do with him?'

"'Let's strip him,' cried another, 'and we will make him fuck Fanny. She is the youngest and her cunt will fit his little prick best.'

"My father only laughed and said: 'All right, he'll be man enough for any of you some of these days.'

"So I was stripped, nothing loath, and placed over Fanny, who was lying on the floor. She had her legs wide apart and with her fingers kept the lips of her cunt open while one of the others, after kissing and sucking my little cock, pushed it in. Then they clapped my bottom, and sat around to watch the performance.

"Oh, Katie, you can't think how easy my prick slipped into her cunt. And I felt it growing bigger when it got in; she was so hot inside. She then hugged me in her arms and jerked up her bottom, while I worked and pushed as I had seen father do until the nice warm feeling came and I nearly fainted with pleasure.

"I was then glad to get away and creep off to bed, for I was tired and sleepy. "Look at it, Katie, isn't it larger and stronger than before?"

He held it in his hand and drew back the skin until its head stood up round and red as a cherry.

"Put your hand oh it, Katie. Feel how firm it is!"

I took it in my hand and rubbed it up and down.

"Yes, Joe, it is larger and stronger. You may put it in if you like."

He laid me back, lifted my dress and looked at and felt my cunt.

"Yours is much prettier and nicer than Fanny's, Katie. These soft round white lips are beautiful. Hold them open like a dear girl while I push it in."

I put my hands down and opening the lips with one while with the other I directed the head of his prick to the right spot and told him to push. He did so. It entered. He pushed harder. It got in more and more until it was all enclosed and I felt its head far back.

Oh, sweet sensation! Nothing can exceed the pleasure of feeling one's cunt for the first time filled up with a throbbing heaving prick!

His eyes sparkled and his breath came hard and fast as I hugged him in my arms, and told him to push in his prick and fuck me very well.

Having now ascertained for ourselves the wondrous power we each possessed of conferring pleasure on the other, our play always turned on the practice and enjoyment of love.

We were never tired of examining and petting each other's privates.

And our senses being now fully aroused, we were always the watch to enlarge our experience of the ways and means enjoyment.

My father had several slaves almost white, and most of them good-looking. These were all retained in the house and never sent into the fields.

One pretty little girl named Nina was assigned to me as my waiting-maid. She always attended me in my bath, and used to dry me when I came out. She was particularly attentive to my little slit, on which the hair was just beginning to grow. She used to perfume it, and comb it, and kiss it.

"You have a beautiful cunt, Missy, the sight of it would set any young fellow wild!"

"I suppose it is much the same as other girls', your own for instance. Show it to me, Nina."

She lifted her dress, and opening her thighs, gave me a full view of her cunt. It was a pretty little mouth, with a full rosebud clitoris, and the lips covered with brown silky hair. I put my hand on it, and pushing up my finger, said: "Did this ever set any young fellow wild?"

"Oh, Missy, you must not ask me such questions, or I will have to tell you lies."

"Nina, if you want me to be your friend you will tell everything. But this will do for the present."

My father was in the habit of walking in the garden after sunset when it was nearly dark, to smoke his cigar, and I found out that he always had with him one or the other of the white slaves.

One night I missed Nina, and guessing where she was, I threw on my shawl and went out softly into the garden. I heard voices in a sheltered walk, and as it was almost dark, I was able to get within range of hearing without being seen.

"Now, Nina, be kind and you'll be my pet, and I will give you all sorts of pretty things - there, let me feel it, that's a sweet girl, open your legs more, lean against this tree, hold up your dress, give me your hand, place it here, close your fingers round it. That's the way. You have a dear little cunt, very fat and plump. But I wonder you have much hair on it. How old are you, Nina?"

"Just fifteen, sir."

"Now then, press out in front. Hold my prick, while I push it - there it's in - put your arms round me - press my bottom. How do you like the feel of my prick in your cunt?"

"It feels very nice, push it in more."

I heard them kissing and panting as they shoved together, and then they rested in each other's arms.

She soon left him, after promising to go out at that same hour that day every week.

I often followed him out now, and found he always had one of the slave girls with him.

I then learned all the terms and ways of enjoyment, for he was fond of variety, and loved to make them talk, and say all manner of words while he fucked them. And I was astonished to hear how freely they spoke of pricks, cunts, arses, frigging, fucking, pissing, etc.

Joe had been sent to school and my cunt, not having been entered for a long time, was in an aggravated state of longing and desire.

So, when Nina's turn came next, the thought flashed upon me, why not personate her for one occasion.

I was about her height and size, and my cunt was now pretty well furnished with hair. So when the hour came, I set her to a task which would occupy her for some time, and said I was in a hurry to have it done.

Then, going out in the dark I quietly strolled up the walk. Someone met me, put his arm round me, and pushed his knee in between my thighs.

"How is your sweet cunt tonight?"

I said nothing but only pressed against him as he lifted my dress and felt my cunt.

Moving his finger about, he said: "It's very hot and juicy tonight. I am sure it is longing for a fuck. Put your hand here, my love."

I felt his firm upstanding prick. I moved the loose skin up and down as Joe had taught me. I put my other hand below and felt the two soft balls in their hairy bag.

"Take it in your mouth, dear, for a moment."

I had gone too far to recede now, so I stooped and sucked its glowing head while I tickled him behind the balls.

"Oh, Nina, that's delicious! Now lie back on this moss bank, raise your legs, open your dress, that I may press your soft bubbies, while my prick is in your cunt."

He knelt between my uplifted thighs. He leaned over me. He opened the lips of my cunt. He introduced his prick. He moulded my breasts. He kissed me and darted his tongue into my mouth.

"Say you like it, Nina, my love!"

"Oh, yes dear sir!" I whispered heaving up my bottom. "I feel your prick in my cunt - fucking - fucking - oh! so - deliciously!"

The rapturous feeling increased. He pushed and panted. I heaved and gasped: "Oh, yes, push, fuck, oh! oh! oh!"

He lay over me, his face on my shoulder and his prick buried in my cunt.

After a while he said: "I don't know how it is, Nina, but I never enjoyed fucking you so much before, your cunt closes on my prick with such a hot compression, and you nipped the head of my prick when I drove it home as you never did before, and which only a few women can do. Oh! there! I feel it now!"

(Here I interrupted Kate by asking: "What do you mean by nipping the head of his prick?"

"Well, my dear, I'll teach you. When you feel the entire prick driven in as far as it can go, draw up your bottom inside, as hard as you can. If you do it right you will squeeze the head of the prick as it rests on the mouth of your womb. Try it now while I have my finger in. Yes, that's the way."

"Well, go on, what did he say next?")

He asked me: "Is Miss Kate kind to you?"

"She is," I whispered in reply.

"Don't you attend her in the bath?"


"Does she let you see her cunt?"

"Yes, I dry it and sometimes kiss it."

"Is it a nice little cunt?"

"Very nice."

"Do you think she has any longing to have it fucked?"

"I am sure she has, it is always red and hot."

"I guessed as much. Indeed, I often think of it when I observe her swelling hips. How I would enjoy fucking her, if I could only do it without letting her know who it was."

"Perhaps I could manage it for you. Come to my bed tomorrow night and I'll prevail on her to take my place. I'll tell her I expect a young fellow who will take her for me, and give her the greatest pleasure but without doing her any harm. If you find the door of my room unlocked you will know I succeeded."

Next evening, papa did not go out at all and I saw he was regarding me with a peculiar look in his eyes. He was also more affectionate and made me sit on his knee when I was bidding him good-night and he pressed my bottom and thighs in the warmest way.

Nina readily agreed to my taking her place for the night when I told her I had been restless of late and thought a change of my bed would do me good.

About midnight someone entered the room and felt his way to where he heard me breathing. He quietly put off his clothes, and slipped into bed. He put his arm over me and felt my cunt. He opened the lips and rubbed about the clitoris and then tried to push his finger up.

I held his hand.

"Oh, you hurt me!"

"Why, you are not my Nina at all."

"No, I am only Nina's friend."

"Well, whoever you are, you have a sweet cunt. Put your hand on this, it won't hurt you."

"But it will do me harm."

"No, trust me, my pet, I won't harm you."

He then got over me and began to push his prick against my cunt.

"Oh, no, I can't, I am afraid. Oh, pray don't, it is too big!"

I held him by the hips and pushed him back.

"I can't bear it - it will kill me!"

Every time he pushed the head of his prick at the entrance, I shrank from him.

He begged me. He prayed me just to let it in and he would be so very gentle.

He got it in a little way inside the entrance.

"Oh, push easily, or you'll kill me. Oh! Oh!"

"There, now - it is quite in. My precious, I shall not hurt you any more."

He moved his prick very slowly in and out, in and out. I began to heave and twist.

"Darling, this is exquisite! Your cunt is delightfully tight, and its soft pressure most delicious. Put your arms round me, my love! I only once before had such a fuck as this."

I pressed him in my arms, thrust up my bottom to meet every thrust of his prick. I raised my thighs and crossed my legs on his back.

He ran his prick with delightful friction in and out of my throbbing, heaving, panting cunt. I felt a soft hand on my bottom and soft fingers playing about my cunt. I knew they were Nina's, I did not mind. I was intoxicated with pleasure. I squeezed in my bottom to nip his prick.

"Oh! That's grand, who taught you that sweet trick - do it again. Oh! That's splendid!"

Nina got into the bed and pressed against his bottom.

"Oh, Nina you are just in time. Let me get on you that I may spend in your cunt."

He drew out his prick, saying to me: "You know I promised not to harm you; but Nina does not mind the risk for she knows she will be well taken care of. Let us get outside the clothes and take off everything, the night is so warm."

He then got between her uplifted thighs, and resting on her breast, told me to put it in.

I felt her cunt, it was very hot and flowing. I took his prick and rubbed its throbbing head between the soft lips, placed it at the entrance. He pushed, it passed in. I went behind him and holding him around the hips rubbed my cunt against his bottom while he fucked.

He discharged immediately and soon afterwards he bid us good-night and went away.

Nina begged me to excuse her. She said she heard all that passed and got so excited that she could not help coming in to us.

I asked: "Did papa know who your friend was?" She said she was not certain but thought he did.

There was something peculiar about papa's manner the next morning. He put his arms around me several times, called me his sweet girl, his darling pet. He told me he was making arrangements to send me to England, to have my education completed there. He told me that he had taken my passage in a sugar-brig which was to start in a few days, and which was commanded by a friend of his, a Captain Lemberg, who would take good care of me.

I said I would like it very much but would be sorry to leave him and put my arms round his neck kissing him.

He enfolded me in his; he lifted me off the ground, carrying me to a sofa and laid me down. He sat by me and slipping his hand under my dress put it on my naked bottom.

"My darling," he said, "let me pet you, I feel so fond of you and I won't have you long."

"Dearest papa, you may do anything you please with me, I love to give you pleasure."

He kissed me warmly, turned me on my back, lifted my dress, opened my thighs, and looked at my cunt.

"You are beautifully made here. Tell me, my darling, was it you in Nina's bed last night?"

"It was I, dearest papa; was I very wicked?"

"No, my darling, you gave me the sweetest pleasure I ever had in my life. Did you enjoy what I did to you then?"

"I did indeed, it was most delightful." "Might I do it to you again?" "You may, dear papa, if you like."

He drew me to the end of the sofa, made me raise my legs and open them as widely as possible. Then kneeling on the floor, he kissed my cunt. He praised its shape and colour. He opened the lips, put in his tongue and licked the inside round and round. He introduced his prick, pushing it slowly up, and fucked me most delightfully.

I tried all I could to increase and intensify his pleasure. I asked if he was enjoying it much.

"Do you like it, papa?"

"Yes, my sweet pet, your cunt is perfection itself. I envy the man who gets you for a wife."

I now ventured on a request I had long in mind.

"Dear papa, I have one thing to ask you for."

"What is it my pet? I would do anything in the world to gratify you."

"Will you give Nina her freedom and send her to England with me?"

"Surely, my pet, I will do more; if she marries with your consent and approbation I will allow you to present her with a £50 dowry, and besides, you may order whatever dress she may require for the voyage."

Need I describe the response I made to these kind words, how I clung to him, how I tightened the pleasure girths within, what a glowing reception I gave to his prick as it darted into my quivering cunt, or how he grunted his satisfaction: "Oh, Katie! Oh! Katie, my pet!"

Nina was overjoyed when she heard that she was to have her freedom. She thanked me on her knees and promised to be the most faithful of servants.

Now, dearest May, I have told you more than ever I told anyone else, because I find in you a kindred soul and I want someone to sympathize with me. Don't judge me too harshly; I was little more than a child and alone, my father has been a widower ever since I could remember. Do you love me less?

"No, dearest Kate, I love you a hundred times more for your confidence and affection; but go on and tell me about the voyage and how you first met papa."

"I will dearest; but not to-night. I am tired and sleepy. Kiss me, my love, good night."