May's Account of Her Introduction to the Art of Love/Chapter 5

Before I resume Kate's narrative I must tell something that happened to myself the following night.

Kate was later than usual in coming and when she did I was in bed, my lamp out and the room quite dark. When she got into bed she put her hand on my cunt, and asked if I had ever any longing for a prick now. I told her I had but that I was waiting for my lover to come and then I should have plenty of fucking.

"But would not any other prick do you as well as his," she asked, all the while frigging my cunt until she had it in a glow.

"Well, Kate, you have so excited my cunt with your finger that I could enjoy being fucked by most any prick."

"Well dear, your finger has done the same for me. Let us try to relieve each other and as the night is hot let us get outside the clothes. Come, lie over me."

And placing herself on the edge of the bed with her feet on the floor, she put me astride over her, my breast and belly resting on hers, and my bottom turned out. Then she threw her arms around me and thrusting her tongue in my mouth held me firm. I felt something touch my bottom and then a soft round stiff thing poked against my cunt. I spluttered "Let me up, Kate, I am sure there is someone behind us."

"Nonsense," said Kate, "it is only your own overheated imaginative mind."

"I tell you it is no imagination. Oh! - it is pushing in - let me up - there is someone fucking me. Oh, Kate, I feel his prick, my cunt is filled with it, do let me up."

But she held me tighter than ever.

"Don't be foolish, keep your bottom quiet. It is only my finger." "No, it is a prick, I feel its head - in - ever so far. Oh!" "What is it doing?"

"It is fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking. Oh, there the feeling comes, how delicious!" And I lay motionless on her bosom. Then the prick was suddenly drawn out and must have been thrust into her for I felt a belly with hair on rubbing against my bottom as the prick was worked in and out.

Then a pair of strong arms clasped us both together and after holding us for a moment, quickly withdrew.

After we had returned to our usual places in the bed I asked: "Who was it, Kate?"

"Oh, never mind, let me go on with my story."

"Both the Captain and the mate had good voices and they sometimes sang for us when taking their grog in the evening.

"Our custom was to sit reclining on the broad stern locker which was well covered with cushions. Carle was generally between Hilda and me, and with a hand on each of our cunts. I would be occupied petting his prick and balls while she would be similarly engaged with the Captain. The latter while sipping his grog

would strike up one of his favourite ditties in a bold rollicking tone, and Carle would quickly follow suit. After which there would be a general fuck such as I have already described.

"I only remember two of their songs, which I will repeat you as specimens if you like."

"Do please, I would like to hear them."


I care not what squeamish lovers may say,

The maiden that best suits my mind Is the sweet girl that will meet me half way;

And while she is free, be as kind. With her rich beauties I never am cloyed,

Fresh pleasures I find at her side; I don't love her less because she's enjoyed

By many another beside.

Shall I try to describe all her merit,

I feel that I'd never have done; She is brimful of sweetness and spirit,

And sparkles with freedom and fun. It is bliss then to hold her and win her,

She never proves peevish or coy; But the farther and deeper I'm in her

The fuller she fills me with joy.

She opens her thighs without fear or dread,

She points to her sweet little crack, Its lips are so red, and all overspread

With hair of the glossiest black. Reclined on her breast, and clasped in her arms,

With her my soft moments I spend; And revel the more in her melting charms,

Because they are shared with a friend.


My Jamie is a lover gay,

He is so very funny. When last we met to sport and play,

He took me by the cunny. Then drawing out his sturdy prick,

Right in my hand he placed it, And said 'twould be a jolly trick,

If in my mouth I'd taste it.

I kissed its bright and rosy head,

And then began to suck it; He felt about my cunt, and said,

He wanted now to fuck it. Down on the bed he laid me,

With bursting balls, and prick's round head, Love's sweetest debt he paid me.

Let maidens of a tim'rous mind

Refuse what most they're wanting; Since we for fucking were designed,

We surely should be granting. So when your lover feels your cunt,

Do not be coy, nor grieve him; But spread your thighs and heave your front,

For fucking is like heaven.

When Kate had repeated these songs she asked me what I thought of them.

I told her they were excellent, especially the mate's, and that I certainly should learn that one and sing it to Mr. Trevor. Kate then continued her narrative:

I ought to tell you that during our voyage my maid Nina had not been idle. She attended me every morning to assist in giving me a sponge-bath and in dressing me. She amused me by the recital of her adventures with the sailors who coaxed her to come to them at night in their hammocks. She said fucking in that position was quite new.

She had an adventure which I must repeat to you. Our passengers were a sailor, Jim Murphy, sent home on sick-leave, his wife and her daughter Jenny, a buxom damsel about twenty.

Now, Mrs. Murphy kept a sharp look-out on Jenny, with whom the boatswain soon fell in love, and he tried to find opportunities of being alone with her to press his suit, or in plain language, to get a fuck out of her.

Mrs. Murphy had at times to be in her husband's cabin to give him medicine or attend to his wants, so she told Nina in her absence never to leave Jenny alone with the boatswain. Nina faithfully promised and kept her word in the following manner.

One evening Mrs. Murphy was sent for to attend to her husband and the moment she was out of sight the boatswain came and sat down by the side of Jenny and Nina and asked Jenny to sew a button on his shirt.

"Yes," said Jenny.

"Then come to my cabin and I will give it to you."

Nina said: "Yes, Jenny, we will both go."

So all three went into the boatswain's little cabin and Nina said: "Now if you want to show Jenny your prick Mr. Boatswain, now's your chance, and I will unbutton your breeches for you." And suiting the action to the word she did so, and released his noble pego from prison. His swelling head stood proudly erect, and Nina, taking hold of it, said: "Look, Miss Jenny, here's a noble plaything for you to put in your cunt."

Jenny blushed scarlet all over neck and face, and said: "Oh, for shame, Nina, to talk about such names!"

BOATSWAIN.- "Well said, Nina! You know a thing or two and pretty Jenny here will soon know how pleasant it is to make love. Come sit on my knee, darling, and give me a kiss before your mother comes back. You know, I want to make you my wife if you will marry me as soon as we get ashore. And then I have a nice little house of my own we can live in. Give me a kiss and sit on my knee, there's a darling."

Jenny did both and the boatswain made her grasp his prick with one of her hands while one of his own quickly slipped under her dress and touched her knee. Jenny called out, "Don't, don't," but the hand goes further up until the bower of bliss is reached and one finger gently intrudes and tickles her slit.

"Say yes, darling Jenny, and I swear to marry you and to give you a silk dress and a home of your own. For I am very sure your mother is cross to you."

JENNY.- "Yes, that is true, she is cross, but I'm afraid."

NINA.- "Now Jenny don't be a fool! Do you expect to get a better husband than the boatswain who earns more than a pound a week? You do all he asks and I will be a witness for fair play! You will find it most delicious to have his sugar-stick stirring you up - you will like it so much that you will ask for it afterwards."

"But will you be certain to marry me, Mr. Boatswain?"

"Yes, by the Holy Virgin, I will, as soon as ever we get on shore and can find a priest to marry us."

"I should like a house of my own and to live away from mother, for she is very cross at all times."

"Then that is all settled, darling Jenny! I consider you my wife; and now I will teach you a wife's duty. Lay down on my bed here, dear Jenny, I suppose you know a wife and husband occupy one bed?"


BOATSWAIN.- "Now, Nina, keep watch at the door. There now, my prick is getting into Jenny's cunt. Oh, it's heavenly! Why, Jenny, what is the meaning of this? Where's your maidenhead?"

"Oh, the priest took that when I had my first communion. Mother knows all about that."

"Well, I'm going to have a good fuck now."

And Nina said it was half-an-hour before he left off and she saw Mrs. Murphy coming. I went into the boatswain's cabin and Mrs. Murphy followed me and saw him fucking her daughter. "

"Oh, you villain, you dirty blackguard!" she exclaimed: "you have ruined my daughter, my precious Jenny! Stop your fucking this minute," trying to pull him off and turning to, me: "As to you, you promised to keep a close watch over Jenny, you wretch!" And she gave Jenny a look and Nina a blow on the shoulder with her fist that stretched her on the floor.

Nina got up and said: "And so I did keep close to Jenny and I have watched over her, and I it was who saw Mr. Boatswain's prick slip in and out of her cunt, and I have been watching her while he did it! What could be closer watching than that, Mrs. Murphy?"

"But he has promised to marry me," called out Jenny.

"Yes," said the boatswain, "I swear I will, but she must let me have a fuck every day until we are ashore."

Mrs. Murphy was obliged to give her consent as she saw the mischief was done.

All our love-matters went on in much the same manner, until at last our brig reached London docks, when we wish Jenny and the boatswain good-bye, and with Nina and our luggage, Captain Lemberg took us to the hotel, where he usually put up when he returned from his voyages.

Captain Lemberg was very kind and chose a bedroom for myself and Nina next to his own, and both opened into a parlour intended for our mutual use.

Captain Lemberg decided I should remain a week or two at the hotel with him, to rest after the voyage and to see some of the sights of London, before I went to the school. In fact he told me he did not think I need go to school until he was obliged to return to the brig, which would be a couple of months, and I told him I would prefer to obey my father's wishes. So we decided I was to go to school in a week.

My father had given me a letter to hand to Madame Stewart, the school-mistress, who lived at Hampton Court.

Captain Lemberg took us to the theatres, which pleased me extremely, also to the Tower and Monument and British Museum.

The time passed very rapidly away in seeing the wonders of London by day and the theatres in the evening, and then we had nice suppers at our hotel and Nina and I

retired to our bed, soon to be followed by Captain Lemberg to continue those loving fucking matches like those on the ship.

At last the week ended and Captain Lemberg took me in a coach to Madame Stewart together with Nina, who was to continue to wait on me as lady's-maid.

We had a little fucking in the coach and at last arrived at the school, which was a large house surrounded by ornamental grounds and gardens, enclosed by high walls. The grounds sloped down to the Thames, on the banks of which, of course, there was no wall.

Madame Stewart received the Captain and myself and Nina in a large drawing- room, and I handed her my father's letter and told her Nina was my servant.

She told Nina to retire for the present to the housekeeper's room.

Madame was a fine-looking woman of about fifty, with dark hair and eyes and a fine bust.

After reading the letter she kissed me and said she was acquainted with my father many years before and would try to make me happy, provided I obeyed the rules of her establishment.

Captain Lemberg then paid her £100 for one year's fees in advance and asked for a receipt.

Madame asked him to step into the next room with her as she kept her writing materials there, and she wished to ask him a few questions in private.

So pouring me out a glass of wine and giving me some cake and a book of pictures, they withdrew into the next room and shut the door.

You may be sure my eye was at the keyhole in a moment and I saw that the Captain had pulled out his prick! And I heard him say:

"Madame, I am entitled to the usual commission for bringing you a new pupil and I will take it in dog-fashion."

"Hush!" said Madame, "or the young lady will hear you."

"Nonsense - now get down on all fours so as not to derange your dress."

Madame did so and the Captain tossing up her clothes exposed her bottom, and standing behind her, leant over her back and fucked her in that position.

When this was over they each took a chair and I overheard the following conversation:

madame s.- "Is this young lady a virgin?"

capt. L.- "Yes, as much as you are!"

madame s.- "Shall I read you the letter her father has sent me?"

capt. L.- "I shall be delighted to hear it read."

Madame then read the letter aloud, and I heard every word that follows:

My Dear Madame Stewart:

These will be handed to you by my daughter Kate, a fine girl just over twelve years of age. Captain Lemberg has kindly undertaken to see her safely to your house, and I have authorized him to pay you for the first year's expense, one hundred guineas.

My daughter's education has been neglected in such matters as penmanship, grammar, drawing, and music. Be pleased to spare no pains in instructing her in these.

In some other things she is in advance of her years. On account of living all her life on a slave plantation she has always seen boys, girls and women in a state of nakedness, so the difference in sex is familiar to her. She has seen men and women in the act of coition.

You will please pay special regard to her religious duties, and also try to inculcate that modest demeanour which is such a characteristic to your own movements that I shall never forget being struck with on occasion of my last visit to your school some fifteen years ago when I had the felicity of watching you slowly strip naked at noon before a large mirror in your dining-room previous to your honouring my pego with a visit to your fine quim.

Alas! Madam, these remembrances quite overpower me and make me regret the distance that separates us!

I have sent a very fair mulatto-girl named Nina, to wait on my daughter. From your obedient servant, Sebastian de Lorme.

P. S.- Nina is not a virgin although she is very tight in her cunny. She may be useful at your conversations. Neither Kate nor Nina have ever been birched."

capt. L.- "What a very interesting letter. Do you use the birch still, Madame?" madame.- "Certainly, when my young ladies deserve it."

Capt. Lemberg then insisted on having another fuck, for reading my father's letter of his interview with Madame Stewart had given him a cockstand.

So they had another bout and the Captain said he must leave. So I hastened from the keyhole and was apparently absorbed in my book when Madame and Captain entered the room.

The Captain kissed me as he bade me good-bye and thrust his tongue into my mouth as he did so, bidding me obey Madame in everything and all would be well.

He promised to take me for a day's holiday before the brig sailed if Madame would kindly consent.

I promised to endeavour to please Madame, and with another kiss he departed.

Madame Stewart then had a long talk with me and urged me to be candid and truthful in my answers to her questions. She asked: "Have you ever seen the slave men quite naked?"


"And the slave women?"


"And is it true that neither of them ever have any hair on their private parts?"

"Do you mean their cocks and cunts, Madame?"

"Yes, my dear."

"Then it is not true, because I have seen short curly hair on those places, and in the case of the men, quite as much as was on my dear father's prick."

"Do you mean to say you have seen your father's prick?" "Yes, Madame, and felt it too!"

So I told her all my history, at which she was delighted and wanted to look at my cunny. I complied and she complimented me on my rich growth of hair.

She told me I must never let a man's prick enter my cunny without her consent being first obtained as she was desirous of shielding me from harm whilst I was under her roof; but she promised I should have all the coition that was good for me at proper times if I was diligent in my lessons.

You may be sure, dearest May, I was pleased with this intelligence and gave the required promise, thinking what a wise and kind schoolmistress she was.

I told her my father had fucked Nina and sent her to be my waiting-maid, and as we were very fond of each other I hoped she would allow us to be together as much as possible. She agreed to this saying she quite understood from my father's letter that it was his wish Nina should be with me. She made me repeat the tale I had told her about my taking Nina's place in the garden with my father and also the scene with him just before the brig sailed.

Nina was then called into the room and I told her that Madame Stewart was a very kindly lady and was willing we should occupy the same room like we did at home.

Poor Nina was profuse in her thanks and asked permission to kiss Madame's feet as a token of her gratitude.

Madame then told us to follow her upstairs, and she took us down a long passage with bedrooms opening from both sides of it. Here she pointed out a room and told us it was ours, but shared with another girl, the daughter of a wealthy baronet, Sir Thomas Moreton.

The room had three narrow beds in it, as Madame said her rule was for each pupil to have a bed of her own.

Madame then kissed me and told me to read the rules, a copy of which was fastened on the wall. As nearly as I can recollect they ran as follows:

Rule I - Every pupil, before retiring to rest, must strip naked and wash her person in every part.

Rule II - No pupil may examine her secret part before the mirror. Rule III - No pupil must occupy a bed that is not her own.

N.B. -The penalty for breaking either of these rules is one dozen stripes with the birch.

When Nina heard me read these rules she said: "But how will Madame know if we break them?"

I replied: "Perhaps the other girl will tell tales on us! Or, perhaps she will be a nice girl and we can do as we like."

"Hush!" said Nina.

And Madame entered our room with Miss Moreton, saying, "Let me introduce you young ladies, as you will occupy this room together. Miss Moreton has been in this establishment for two years, so she knows all the girls and all the customs. You will soon get acquainted."

Madame withdrew and Miss Moreton asked my age and who my father was and we were soon chatting away glibly.

She said she was sixteen and should leave the school next holidays. Her name was Alice. She asked me if I had ever had a lover. I told her yes - Captain Lemberg - and that my father had sent me in his ship from home to England.

"Oh!" said Alice, "then you had a fine time together, I know! Please tell me all about it."

I said I would someday, but now I wanted to know all about the girls at school as I was never at school before.

Alice was surprised at this but I informed her my mother died when I was young and my father would not part with me, but preferred teaching me himself.

Alice told me Madame was very strict with the new girls until she had the chance to whip them a few times, after which she was very indulgent.

She told me that Saturday evening was punishment time and she had found out that gentlemen were admitted to Madame's room to peep at the girls punished. I enquired how she knew that. She said I had no doubt noticed that the grounds reached the water's edge.

Well, said Alice, one Saturday Madame sent me into the garden to get some fruit the gardener had forgotten and I saw two boats stop at the boat-house. I hid behind some bushes and saw four gentlemen, muffled up in cloaks, walk up the path which leads to the side entrance of the house. They were admitted by Mrs. White, the

housekeeper. My curiosity was excited, so I quickly brought Madame the fruit and ran into her private room, and crept under the sofa to listen, thinking I would be certain to find out something. Nor was I wrong in my conjecture, for in a few minutes Mrs. White ushers in the four gentlemen and two of them sit down on the very sofa I was under. They talked to each other about the superior manner in which Madame's establishment was conducted. Two of them said they had daughters at present in the school and hoped they would have broken some of the rules that week.

This remark astonished me but my surprise was greater when by the voice of the next speaker I recognized my own father, Sir Thomas Moreton! He had visited me that very morning, gave me a supply of pocket money, wished me good-bye and said he was going back home at once; and here he was in the same house!

The other speaker was the rector of the parish church, the Hon. and Rev. Algernon Stanley. I knew his voice, for in the course of the conversation he was addressed as Stanley by my father.

Evidently the party of four were acquaintances, for they all chatted away on good terms.

In a few moments I heard my father's voice:

"Well, gentlemen, I will bet you five pounds that when you see the punishment this evening you will allow my daughter's bottom to be the plumpest and most exciting of any you shall see tonight!"

RECTOR.- "But suppose your daughter is not birched tonight?"

SIR MORETON.- "Then we will let the bet stand over till some other Saturday when she is flogged and we all are here."

Here, dear Kate, was a revelation to me! My father and three other gentlemen evidently were here for the purpose of witnessing the punishments about to be inflicted on the schoolgirls' bottoms! And my father must have seen my bottom on some previous occasion, or how could he make this bet! I knew I was to be punished that evening for my name was on the blacklist.

How should I escape from under the sofa and reach the schoolroom? For my ambition was fired by my father's words of admiration about my plump bottom and I wanted him to win that bet!

Fortunately for my intentions, Madame came into the room and invited the gentlemen to adjourn upstairs.

Directly they were gone I crept from my hiding place and ran up to the schoolroom by the back staircase and seated myself at the piano and commenced practicing my exercises.

In a short time the German governess, Fraulein Hoffman, came to me and said: "My dear you must prepare for punishment." "Yes, Fraulein," I answered.

And, according to the custom, I retired to my bedroom, took off my form, skirts and corset and returned to the school-room in chemise, drawers and stockings, which was the regulation dress for punishment.

Three other girls were to be punished; one rebelled from Fraulein's order and had to be dragged to her room and undressed.

At last we heard a bell ring and each of us, the culprits, was escorted by a governess to the room especially used and fitted up for punishment. It was lighted from the roof and had ladders, Berkeley horses and other appliances, such as ropes from the ceiling, rings in the floor and ceiling to which to fasten refractory culprits.

On this occasion we were made to slowly take off our drawers and then kneel on a kind of table with our heads low down and our posteriors sticking well out, with our hands and ankles tied securely.

Next, our offences were read out to us by Madame as follows:

"Margaret Stanley, your offence is as usual peeing in bed. I give you notice that I intend telling the worthy rector, your uncle, of this most disgusting habit of yours.

"Emmeline Chesterfield, your offence is greediness in eating up the cake you brought from home, and not sharing it with your schoolfellows.

"Constance Le Ray, you were discovered viewing your naked person in the glass; such vanity must be checked by the rod."

And then Madame read my name.

"Alice Moreton, your offence is one against decency. It is that of having received a letter from a lover whom you obstinately refuse to name or give any information as to how you have carried on this clandestine correspondence.

"I will read it aloud to you, Miss Alice Moreton, and I hope your cheeks will blush with shame as much as the cheeks of your bottom will blush under the rod, presently. This is the horrid letter:

My Dear Alice:

How I do long for another kiss on the lips of your pussey! The last I had was delicious! I dream of you every night and sometimes fancy I am in one of those high pews at church with your naked bottom sitting in my face, so I can kiss and suck your pussey! At other times in my dreams you catch hold of me by the cock and sing: "I will not let thee go, unless you fuck me!"

You cannot wonder at these dreams, sweetheart, for they are only repetitions of the facts of the day!

Give my love to Madame and asked her to notice the beauty of your cunny!

From your devoted love,


Madame having finished the letter told the governesses to commence flogging us, and to strike as she called out, One, Two, Three.

They were stationed close to our heads so they had to strike over our backs to reach our bottoms, which were turned towards the end of the room at which Madame was seated on a dais, raised up six steps above the level of the floor.

I remembered the conversation of the gentlemen and the bet of my dear father, and I had no doubt they were watching us from some secret peep-hole, or were perhaps under the dais. So at every blow of the rod I writhed and twisted my posteriors as much as possible, in order to display all its beauties.

Margaret received fifty stripes, Emmeline sixty, Constance eighty, and I, the greatest offender, received one hundred which caused me to faint away.

What do you think of that, Kate dear?

I told her I thought it was a great shame and asked if the gentlemen ever came again.

Alice said no doubt they did although she had never had an opportunity of proving it; still, on Saturdays occasionally she had slipped into the garden and found

boats moored to the boat-house. "However, my dear Katie, I have told you all I know, perhaps someday we will make more discoveries."

Kate said she warmly thanked Alice for telling her all the circumstances, and they kissed and went to bed.