McClure's Magazine/Volume 4

December 1894Edit

January 1895Edit

  • Napoleon Bonaparte, Third Paper: Napoleon as Statesman and Law-Giver by Ida M. Tarbell, pp. 103-127
  • Letting in the Jungle by Rudyard Kipling, pp. 128-143
  • Concerning "Ships That Pass in the Night" by Beatrice Harraden, pp. 144-148
  • Dr. Charles H. Parkhurst by E.J. Edwards, pp. 149-152
  • Thomas Nast's Share in Overthrowing the Tweed Ring of 1872, pp. 153-154
  • The Green Flag by A. Conan Doyle, pp. 155-163
  • The Battle of Marengo by a Soldier of Napoleon, pp. 164-174
  • A Lonely Soul by Majorie Milton, pp. 175-178
  • The Dramatic Season by Edward Marshall, pp. 179-187
  • Mr. Moody: Some Impressions and Facts by Prof. Henry Drummond, pp. 188-192
  • Three Men and Two Bears by Cy Warman, pp. 193-194
  • What is said about the "McClure's" Life of Napoleon and about the Magazine itself, pp. 195-198

February 1895Edit

March 1895Edit

April 1895Edit

May 1895Edit