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A Virginia Episode

The grandson of great Powhatan,
The Anglo-Indian brave and free,
Came to his mother's Jamestown home,
The founder of a family tree.
His child, Jane Rolfe, the root and branch.
The bride that Robert Bolling won,
Grandchild of Pocahontas brave,
The great grandchild of Powhatan.
The Bolling race—Americans,
Sons of the soil through mother's right,
Allied with British kin of fame,
To found a race of blood and might.
The sons of pioneers were brave,
True cavaliers to build a nation;
With faith in king and queen to found
A college home of education.
To guide the sons of pioneers,
Upon the lines of old home life,
With courage born of confidence,
To win the battlefields of strife.
The English crown heard call of race,
The call of a new generation :
A voice that touched the heart of king,
The early call of education.
Turn back the page of history,
Recall the College of the Crown,
The cradle home of education,
Pride of the first colonial town.