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William and Mary College


William and Mary College



College of William and Mary

In sixteen hundred and ninety-three,
William and Mary from English view,
Founded the College of the Crown,
For which they stood the sponsors true.
The College of William and Mary,
At Williamsburg, the Alpha town,
With royal charter and great seal,
To stand exponent of the Crown.
The Mecca of the Pioneers,
The object lesson of opinion,
Repository of events.
The archive home of the Dominion.

James Blair, the founding president,
The man of hope in time of fears;
The commissary of the Crown,
The president for fifty years.
Class after class left campus field,
Men of true courage and dauntless will,
To open paths of destiny,
The motto Onward! Onward Still!
The college badge, the coat of arms,
The decoration prize of life,
Worn with just pride by New World sons,
The future men to win the strife.
Washington his commission won,
With famous Clarks of high degree,
Surveyors of Dominion lands,
Three exploring sons of destiny.


On William and Mary's honor roll,
The First Greek letter founders stand,
A society of college men,
To guide events of native land.
The Society a knowledge tree,
To take its root in the Dominion,
To spread like a green bay of might,
The century tree of free opinion.
Recall the leaders of onward march!
The bold brave sons to guide opinion,
Men born to lead the advance quest,
Native sons of the Dominion.
The mind of man no seal can hold,
Nature makes men bold, brave and free,
The forest sons true champions,
To voice the claim of liberty.

The college sons grew bold apace,
They stood for progress and demand,
They claimed the rights of pioneers,
The basic right of Matthews plan.
Stamp Act protest of 65,
Was a demand to make men bold.
Twelve sons of William and Mary signed,
The Revolutionary Roll.
The college sons of North and South,
In words and deeds made the demand,
"The sons of founders shall be free,"
We stand the champions of our land.
From Harvard's campus there arose
The same demand in war like key,
William and Mary answered back,
"We stand with sons of liberty!"