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The Stamp Act gave cause for effect,
It led the way to '73.
Results soon followed in a train,
Led by the sons of liberty.
It was the voice of destiny,
The founders call, "We will be free,"
The patriots call of '74,
To voice the call of liberty.
The Continental Congress convened,
The famous congress of '74,
Fifteen members, William and Mary men,
Founders sons of old James shore.
Randolph, the President of fame,
A man insensible of fear,
A famous son of William and Mary,
Virginian of Virginians dear.

A committee of correspondence formed,
To guide the days of evolution,
Eight William and Mary men enrolled,
Pioneers of Revolution.
A Committee of Safety next evolved,
In seventeen hundred seventy-five,
Seven sons of William and Mary enrolled
Sam Adams chief and northern guide.
The chancellor of Williamsburg,
With father of the Revolution,
Refused concessions of the crown,
Each called for written constitution.
They voiced demands of freedom's sons,
To stand as one to meet the shock,
A son of Jamestown Cavaliers,
A Puritan of Plymouth Rock.


The die was cast without regret,
To cross the Rubicon of fate,
To meet conditions with reserve,
The countersign, "to watch and wait."
The dial hand of time marked war,
The blood red hand of revolution.
The Minute Men gave the alarm,
They struck the hour at Lexington.
Bold Patrick Henry gave key note,
He called for "death or liberty."
Sam Adams answered back the call,
"March on! March on! to victory!"
The Declaration Rights of States,
To have and hold stands now as then,
The chairman true to commonwealths,
With thirty William and Mary men.

The sons of founders then proclaimed,
"The United Colonies are free,"
The declaration one of might,
To voice the claim of 73.
The Declaration of Independence,
Confirmed "the colonies are free,"
The author, a William and Mary man,
Jefferson of immortality.
Four signers of that famous roll,
The sons of William and Mary true,
To stand for rights of colonists,
From a republic point of view.
"Rebels," they stood in '76,
"Traitors to King," traitors to crown;
But "Patriots" when France allied
To win surrender of Yorktown.

Let time increase our debt to France,
That made rebellion—revolution.
Through allied victory on the York,


Yorktown (Va.) Monument

Yorktown Monument


That won the cause of Lexington.
Let us recall with gratitude,
The men who came in our great need,
Through loyal faith of Lafayette,
Our friend in word, our friend in deed.
Let us recall our French allies,
Who saved the ship of state and crew,
Our anchor in the storm of war,
To hold the chain of victory true.
Again we welcome sons of France,
Guests of a nation jointly won;
Under two flags we meet again,
And now as then to stand as one.
When Lafayette and Rochambeau,
With men and gold came in our need,
To make the hearts of patriots strong,
As allied friends in word and deed.
Let us recall the memory,
The war of independence won,
The allied voice of victory!
The echo call of '81.

Turn back the page of history,
To seventeen hundred eighty-one,
To men who fought our fight to win,
Our French allies of old Yorktown.
Now in the noon day of our might,
We hail with pride the allies kin,
The sons of France, the men of war,
Who helped our patriot sires to win.
This monument to the Allies,
In honor of the victory won,
Stands proudly on the River York,
To crown events of Eighty-one.

It was a miracle of might,
To found a nation to stand free,

To build a flag in our own right,
The Stars and Stripes of liberty.
Fair Betsy Ross of Flag House fame,
True daughter of a revolution,
Who made first emblem of the free,
The standard of a new born nation.
The emblem of the peoples might,
To lead the sons of founders true,
A flag to guide the patriots,
From a confederate point of view.
Each star a State in her own right,
The heritage of men born free,
Each stripe a warning "to beware,"
The blood bought rights of victory.