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The constitution next was framed,
The results of '76 to crown.
Three framers, William and Mary men,
With Harvard men of great renown.
The State the ark of covenant,
The pilots of eternal fame,
Their faith the creed of Jefferson,
Disciples of his honored name.
The magna charter strong and true,
Sheet anchor of the ship of state,
The chart, the compass and the helm,
To pass the harbor rocks of hate.
The creed to hold United States,
In bonds of justice and of right,
A republic—the point of view,
The people's cornerstone of might.

Records of the republic show,
The love of country led men on,
To win results of victory,
From '89 to '61.
The founding of the Union stands,
Of presidents from the Dominion,
Four William and Mary men were called,
To stand for Jefferson's opinion.
Nine cabinet officers they called,
Men of Virginia known to fame,
To stand with founding presidents,
Each a William and Mary "honor man."
Four supreme judges U. S. Court,
Chief Justice Marshall "the ever great"
Each a William and Mary man,
Men of justice to hold each state.

The men of fate, through last appeal,
The judgment men in fatal hour,
The bulwark guard of Might and Right,

The men of God supreme in power.
One Lieutenant-General, U. S. A.,
Scott, the commander brave and true,
Famous son of William and Mary,
Distinguished chief from every view.
Two ministers to St. James Court,
To friendly France the famous four,
Each a William and Mary man,
Dominion men of old James Shore.
Twenty-seven judges Supreme State Court,
Legal honors for Virginia won,
Men to honor the bench and bar,
Each a William and Mary son.

From seventeen hundred eighty-nine,
To eighteen hundred sixty-one,
Senators representing Virginia,
Sixteen were William and Mary men.
Of Congressional representatives,
Stood campus men by the score,
The Sons of William and Mary,
Constitutionalist of legal lore.
From seventeen hundred eighty-nine,
To eighteen-hundred sixty-one,
Of State governors fifteen stood
William and Mary campus men.
Other Virginians renowned in State,
High on the republic roll of fame,
Not college men of Williamsburg,
Their alma mater "the old home."
Exponents of the founders creed,
To voice the commonwealth opinion,
To hold results of "sacred soil,"
Faithful sons of the Dominion.


Note.—The illustrious part taken in the making of the Union by the sons of William and Mary is not romance of verse, but historical facts compiled by Dr. L. G. Tyler, president of the Old Crown College, when giving its history in the Cradle of the Republic.