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BURROWS, Montagu, R.N., M.A., third son of Lieut.-General Burrows, was born at Hadley, Middlesex, Oct. 27, 1819, and educated at the Royal Naval College, Portsmouth, where he obtained the "First Medal" in 1834. He served continuously in the Royal Navy till he obtained the rank of Commander in 1852, and became, a retired Captain in 1867. He matriculated at Oxford University, 1853; took the degree of M.A. there, and that of Hon. M.A. of Cambridge, in 1859; was elected to the Chichele Professorship of Modern History in 1862; became a Fellow of All Souls in 1870; and member of the Hebdomadal Council of his University in 1876. During his service in the navy he was engaged in several actions with Malay pirates, under Captain Chads, and received medals from the English and Turkish Governments for the capture of St. Jean d'Acre in 1840. He was made Commander for his services in H.M.S. Excellent. He is the author of "Pass and Class: an Oxford Guide-book through the courses of Literæ Humaniores, Mathematics, Natural Science, Law, and Modern History," 8rd edition, 1866; "Constitutional Progress, a series of Lectures delivered before the University of Oxford," 1869; "A Memoir of Admiral Sir H. Chads, G.C.B.," 1869; "Worthies of All Souls: Four Centuries of English History illustrated from the College Archives," 1874; "Parliament and the Church of England," 1875; "Imperial England," 1880; "Oxford during the Commonwealth" (Camden Society), 1881; "Wiclif's Place in History," 1882. He married, in 1849, Mary Anna, daughter of Sir James W. S. Gardiner, Bart., of Roche Court, Hants.