Men of the Time, eleventh edition/Doyle, Richard

793599Men of the Time, eleventh edition — Doyle, RichardThompson Cooper

DOYLE, Richard, artist, born in London, in 1826, is a son of Mr. John Doyle, a gentleman of Irish extraction, and the reputed author of the celebrated "H. B." sketches. He first attracted attention by his sportive and graceful designs from life and manners of the day, in Punch, to which he was a constant contributor for several years; but in 1850 he severed this connection in consequence of its incessant attacks upon his Roman Catholic brethren, and especially upon Cardinal Wiseman. By this step he voluntarily sacrificed, for conscience' sake, what was in itself a secure and handsome income, Mr. Doyle's fancy and feeling have been shown in his illustrations to the "Fairy King," to Leigh Hunt's "Jar of Honey," to Ruskin's "King of the Golden River," to Montalba's "Fairy Tales from all Nations," to "Jack the Giant-killer," and to similar books. In 1854 he published "The Continental Tour of Messrs. Brown, Jones, and Robinson," contributed the illustrations to "The Newcomes," by his friend Thackeray, and some capital sketches of modern English society to the Cornhill Magazine. Mr. Doyle published a Christmas book for 1869, called "In Fairy Land: Pictures from the Elf World."