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A Horse Dealer In Trouble (1954)

Charles Frederick Lindauer (1836-1921) in New York Herald on May 1, 1867. Charles Frederick Lindauer (1836-1921) was not a horse trader. When arrested he would give false information. He was the head of the Lindauer organized crime gang during the Gangs of New York period. $2,000 in 1867 would be about $40,000 in 2024 when adjusted for inflation.

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A Horse Dealer In Trouble. On complaint of Daniel Carver, No. 136 Varick street. Charles Lindauer was brought before Justice Dodge, at the Jefferson Market Police Court, yesterday. The complaint set forth that on the evening of the 29th alt. the accused went into the house of complainant and took therefrom a quantity or clothing and a meerschaum pipe, in all valued at $116. The prisoner was detected in the act of leaving the premises with the property by a man named Samuel J. Jackson, by whom he was followed until he attempted to escape by running away and dropping the stolen articles. Lindauer says he is a horse dealer by profession, and is not guilty of the charge. He was held to answer in the sum of $2,000.

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