Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers: Series II/Volume III/Lives of Illustrious Men/Gennadius/Leporius the presbyter

Chapter LX.

Leporius,[1] formerly monk afterwards presbyter, relying on purity,[2] through his own free will and unaided effort, instead of depending on the help of God, began to follow the Pelagian doctrine. But having been admonished by the Gallican doctors, and corrected by Augustine in Africa, he wrote a book containing his retraction, in which he both acknowledges his error and returns thanks for his correction. At the same time in correction of his false view of the incarnation of Christ, he presented the Catholic view, acknowledging the single person of the Son of God, and the two natures existing in Christ in his substance.[3]


  1. Flourished 418–430.
  2. purityT 31 a e 21; purity of life A 25 30.
  3. in his substance A T 30 31 a e 21; omit 25 Her.