Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers: Series II/Volume III/Lives of Illustrious Men/Gennadius/Nicaeas the bishop

Chapter XXII.

Niceas,[1] [2] bishop of the city of Romatia, composed, in simple and clear language, six books of Instruction for neophites. The first of these contains, How candidates who seek to obtain grace of baptism ought to act, the second, On the errors of relationship, in which he relates that not far from his own time a certain Melodius, father of a family, on account of his liberality and Garadius[3] a peasant, on account of his bravery, were placed, by the heathen, among the gods. A third book On faith in one sovereign, a fourth Against genealogy,[4] a fifth On the creed, a sixth On the sacrifice of the paschal lamb. He addressed a work also To the fallen virgin, an incentive to amendment for all who have fallen.


  1. Nicetas Bishop of “Remessianen” or Romaciana or Remetiana in Dacia before 392, died after 414.
  2. T and 31 read Niceta or Nicetas, but other mss. Niceas and so Fabricius and Her.
  3. Garadius A T 31 a e; Gadarius 25 30 Her.
  4. Genealogy T 25 30 21; genethlogiam 31 a e.