Oxford Book of English Verse 1250-1918/A Hymn to the Virgin


A Hymn to the Virgin


c. 1300

Of on[1] that is so fayr and bright
          Velut maris stella,
Brighter than the day is light
                    Parens et puella:
Ic crie to the, thou see to me,
Levedy,[2] preye thi Sone for me,
                    Tam pia
That ic mote come to thee

Al this world was for-lore
                    Eva peccatrice,
Tyl our Lord was y-bore
                    De te genetrice.
With ave it went away
Thuster[3] nyth and cometh the day
The welle springeth ut of the

Levedy, flour of alle thing,
                    Rosa sine spina,
Thu bere Jhesu, hevene king,
                    Gratia divina:
Of alle thu berst the pris,[4]
Levedy, quene of paradys
Mayde milde, Moder es

  1. on] one.
  2. levedy] lady.
  3. thuster] dark.
  4. pris] prize.