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( 10 ) JULY. You did!'Twas love from the grave indeed! From bloodless cheeks, and brainless head! O! I wish you much joy!—I hear't spoke, Of young fiscals you'll soon have a flock, That, the night before last, Mistress Grue Brought you two boys with little ado! MR GRUE. Where the duce picked you up that cursed lie? For neither a boy, nor girl, have II- JULY. Mayhap! o' the Snipe 't has been been the wife. MR GRUE. The Snipe ! He bring a creature to life ! With thighs like the legs of a sparrow, Smoked hams wanting blood, and bones marrow. Marry---come--up! with his withered shins, A pretty one indeed to get twins ! You're hard pushed sure, when, down the water, You seek him, to father such chatter! You'd best give them to your friend up stairs; All his weans, 'tis said, are sent in pairs. Did you observe the shaughland legged wight, With his poker, in the yard alight? July. What He and his pimp !-Both of them here ! Tush-I must go get supper, and beer. When they've done with beggars,boys, and wives, The peevish wretch will pester our lives,