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(9) JULY Hurry up stairs then ere he arrives. But 'gainst the doors drive not your long nose ! On the steps break not your shoeless toes! (Whilst July speaks, the Knight burries up stairs wisb bis sboes in his band, and disappears.) SCENE FIFTH. Enter Mr Grue, the Procurator Fiscal. MR GRUB. Ha! ha! ha!--So Nosy's left his box, Barefooted, without or shoes or socks; With flead shins, i' th' dark to get hard knocks! The rare Interlocutor, July, And box day I'll remember duly! A worthy Judge of Session truly! As I protest he thinks himself one That a gown is already his own! Who in wonder's name gave him a box : Unless he gets one, with keys and locks ! By dint of selfish civility, And interested servility. JULY. Tut man! you forget the one he left Under the stair, you're of wits bereft! As for the gown to give him some weight, He needs it, and a wig for his pate. If you observe, though screeches an owl, It yet seems wiser than other fowl. Mr GRUE, From the passage, treasuring up each word, Your Mistress and I the whole o'erheard.