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( 8 ) JULY. Whunaby, if in your box you'll stay, I'll bring a candle, to let you see. SIR JOHN. To light my fiscal to you and me!-- Of it he'd soon make a pretty joke, By a glimpse, should he any thing smoke! No-Let's do without help, when we can ; I'll soon follow a much wiser plan, By which he shall neither see nor hear; Neither ſhall I in the scheme appear.- Shoes off, I'll steal to a room up stairs, I th' dark. (takes off his shoes) JULY. But you've not yet said your prayers. SIR JOHN. I'll not do that 'till guilt I renounce, And get a discharge for all at once; One long prayer will then clear the account, When we know, exact, the full amount. (coming out of the Box. :) Lud! I've cut my shins on these sharp coals! JULY. So much good, from being found in such holes. Had you allowed me to bring a light, Your legs had still been heal, clean, and right. SIR JOHN. I hear the grue, as ſure's I'm alive!