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(7) July. What! Are you afraid to be alone?- I fear you've been unjust to some one; Have played the villain, to please your spite, And, through envy, done what was not right. Indeed you own you betray your trust; That oft you are purposely unjust. Keep me both from your favour and court! Thus with honour and justice to sport.- But we'll hear, if you meet with mischance, And send to your Sub' for assistance. Mean time, of conscience to drown the voice, Just-Ass, were this a fit place for noise, You might set up a strain, to your mind, As I'n told you're of the singing kind; But; as 'twould alarm the house to bray, You had best remain, quiet, there and pray. I hear your Fiscal coming this way! Would you like him you here to surpri┼┐e, With your long nose, lean jaws, and dead eyes? SIR John. My Eve-necked staring Procu'tor here! And I in this coal hole!-Run! my dear Rather than that grue should find, should start, Or hunt me from hence like hare or hart, To furnish diversion, and a chace, To the beagles and bitches of the place, I'd for a post lick fifty spittles, To feed my envy, lose my victuals, Be stung by my conscience to the quick, And then, tor injustice, join Old Nick. And so, my dear, I wish you good b'ye! Finds this Case too small for two, in July, Sists process till some future box day.